Welcome Home!


I’m so glad and appreciative that you’ve come to check out my new site!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can connect with my fans in a MUCH more interactive and compelling way, and this site is undergoing a TON of changes that I think you’ll find really exciting!

So much has changed for me in my life over the past couple of years, and I wanted to create a site that would reflect me as I really am. Not a flashy advertisement of me, but a real, online representation of me, my life, my values, my work, and especially my music!

We’re in the process of creating a whole lot of new features, and what I want most of all is to connect and learn with YOU! We’ll be creating polls, questionnaires, contests, interactive boards and forums, and a whole whack of ways that you can play a part in my life and my vision. We want you to be able to influence my website– and my career! Plus, we’ll be putting up a ton of new pics, vids, blogs, and a whole bunch of other stuff that you can check out, with new stuff going on the site on a regular basis from now on!! I’m STOKED to start to connect with everyone out there in a whole new way. This INTERWEB business is FREAKIN’ AWESOME, MAN!!

So, thank you so much for your support and interest thus far; it means a lot to me. One of my highest values is learning about and connecting with people, so I hope you’ll join me here at the site, and we can move forward together!

With much love and respect,


PS. Let’s discuss what you all want to see more of on my site? What is your favorite thing about your favorite websites? What is the #1 thing you’d like to see on the new mark-hildreth.com?

10 Replies to “Welcome Home!”

  1. This sounds so exciting and great! I can’t wait for its full transformation. I think what I would enjoy seeing/reading would be creative blog write-ups that inspire me to think or re-examine how we view the world. I know you already do this, but I would love to see even more. And I would also love to read more about what inspires your creative process or how you go about creating music/film (past/present/future).

    P.S. This reminds me of Allison Mack’s blog, which I luv!

  2. Perhaps if you had the time you could schedule a certain day and time and have monthly live chats with your fans. That would be a GREAT way to get connected with your fans on a real level.

  3. it’s great 🙂 i like this change . for the website you can input a shoutbox in the website, for talk with you. it’s a simple system and good for the contact, webmaster visitor.

  4. I had a hard time choosing one of these but a video blog would be great way to connect to your fans. I loved all of the choices though and the site looks great, im glad your doing all this it’s really cool!

  5. I loved the work you did with Fatal Fury. A small mention every now and again would make me esstatic. That, and anything else you will be doing in the future involving voice acting.

  6. Great design, and I’m really looking forward all the stuff you plan to add on the site!! Maybe some songs? But photos and video blogs would be really cool as well!

  7. Your site looks great….love your music! Are you gonna add any of your fans on facebook??? Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  8. This looks like a cool site to begin with, it needs a bit more up to date add on’s such as pictures, video blog. I think a video blog would be really great, you can connect better with you fans. Truthfully, this is an awesome way to connect to fans i am sure most of your fans really appreciate you efforts. Wish there was more active people like you !!

  9. There’s a lot of great ideas listed. I don’t even know where to begin. Love the live tweeting on Twitter during Resurrection though. It’s fun and also, as I’m sure you’re aware, a good way to connect. Hope to see more from you soon. 🙂

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