Does it work now???

We should have the bugs worked out for joining the Street
Team and registering on the site. Can all you guys register again and join the Street Team and let me know if it works for you?

Would you be my guinea pigs??!


4 Replies to “Does it work now???”

  1. I registered on the site; it immediately sent back a password, A-ok. I filled out the join the street team questionnaire, but so far no confirmation. Perhaps it will take some time?

  2. Hi Mark when I first saw this as your latest blog I got really excited,cause I have been dying to join the street team.

    I definitely don’t mind being your guinea pig Mark.It says my submission for the street team has been added.So it looks like you did good man.

    I have already registered,but I don’t like my username.Is there any way to change that?

  3. ha ha! yay! it said that I have been registered! and since I’m a guinea pig do I get to be in the “G-Force” movie ^^” jk thankies for taking the time to fix it ^^

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