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My god, you read stuff on the internet and it’s like we’re objects talking to objects! There are PEOPLE on the other ends of those comments, everybody!! People, like you and your Mom and your best friend. People who fear, love, struggle, cry and are doing their best to be as happy as they can. People who desperately want to feel good and are putting others down in their desperation. It’s as if there is no other way for them. They don’t see the options you do. Perhaps there are options that you don’t see…

What would the internet (the world) be like if instead of seeking out the things people say and destroying and discrediting them, we created our own original ideas and promoted them?

Those who do not see the difference can learn to.

Those who refuse couch themselves in themselves in their own personal hell.

4 Replies to “Create and Promote”

  1. In answer to your question Mark, what would the world be like if people created their own ideas and promoted them?…I would hope would be a much more open and accepting environment to live. Too many people seem to hide behind the Internet and behave in a manner which is the complete opposite of their real life my experience anyway. A lot of people are all too ready to see the negatuve and not the positive in a situation…but these negative emotions and actions hold them back in my view…making them less likely to attempt something creative incase they are discouraged by others reactions….its a vicious circle if you fall foul of it.

  2. There’s a disease spreading within online news media – where readers are allowed to comment on news stories – and the disease is wanton abuse and ‘negging’ of both the article (maybe even the journalist too) and the fellow commenters. It’s appalling sometimes what you read merely in the comment threads. I find if someone has jumped in very quickly to snipe about something or somebody, there are a depressing number of lemmings who will follow suit. Occassionally, someone might jump in first with something positive and then there’s a smattering of people who will stick their necks out and agree. The best thing ever is simply reading a news article with absolutely no option to comment. That’s how printed news works. You read the news, you make up your own mind – daring, isn’t it?

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