I’m gonna post more

Hey guys. I’ve got a question. I’m gonna start posting more and I’m wondering which site would be the best to be more regular on? I can’t do them all, so I want to pick one that’s good for us to network together on. I’m thinking my Facebook page here:


What do you think?


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  1. Oh, that’s a tough one. I agree, you can’t spread yourself so thin – and I did think the other week that you had a hell of a lot of icons on your front page for social networking! Personally, I’ve deleted my Facebook account because it was more trouble that it was worth and wild horses (and even you) wouldn’t drag me back to Facebook. Sorry!

    I’m just thinking what I look at for the two other main music acts I’m into. They both use MySpace, but I don’t really get sucked into that as I find MySpace cluttered and messy and visually hard on the eye. In terms of the ‘image’ of the bands, too, MySpace is a little bit ‘immature’, if you know what I mean – but it’s useful for audio. The slew of adverts from commentors, too, is hideous.

    The first band has a .com site that is virtually kept going by the fans and its forum, and the second band has a wonderful, wonderful WordPress blog.

    Apart from these, I check Twitter fairly regularly and follow a few people on there who provide links all the time to outside sites. I like Twitter because it forces you to be brief (unlike this comment, I know!) and you therefore ‘achieve’ something with very little effort. That’s the best thing ever, isn’t it? 😀

    I haven’t actually added you on my Twitter, because you’ve only ‘tweeted’ twice. Lazy!!!

  2. I think either an active Twitter or a Facebook PAGE – right now you have a facebook group, but not a page. Pages are better for interaction I think. You can update statuses and ppl can post to your wall, have discussions, etc.

    Twitter would only work if you think you’ll update frequently and actually interact w/ your followers. Otherwise it’s kinda pointless. Well, that goes for any of these social networks.

    I hope when you do choose a site to be regular on, you are serious about being active 🙂 Because to be honest, your blog comments & forum are pretty one-sided :/

  3. Oh this is great.Facebook definitely,that’s a great place to interact with all kinds of people.

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