Joseph Campbell is a genius – look him up!

“All this hope for something happening in society has to wait for something in the human psyche, a whole new way of experiencing a society.”
Joseph Campbell

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  1. just googled him and thought how inspiring his words of wisdom are…if only we could all live up to our ways…things would be so much easier to live…here’s a quote from joseph campbell…”opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging”…as it is in everyday norm…should apply too to our society life here in the united states…

  2. I wouldn’t say he’s a ‘genius’ (define it, please? A word bandied about much too often, in my view). He was born into priviledge and led a charmed life. I can’t see where he ever came upon any great ‘life trials’ that I should admire him for his attitudes. How did he manage to spend the war years safely esconced in academia? Honestly, Mark, I’d like to know how he avoided being called up to fight. I don’t imagine the state were too pleased with him, either, fraternizing with so many German philosophers and those of Germany’s neighbouring countries – kicked out by the Nazis or not – I know the general public at the time just blanket-distrusted anyone originating from those areas in that particular period of conflict. Speaking of which, Campbell also held certain racial views which I don’t think warrant the title ‘genius’. He also seems to have spent much of ‘The Great Depression’ reading. I don’t know. Academia’s all very well, but I don’t see what great things he achieved for his immediate society in times of physical need.

    For a learned man who really made a difference to his society, see Chad Varah. xx

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