What do you think of “V”?

How do you guys like “V”? What’s your favorite part?

What do you think doesn’t work?


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  1. V is a fantastic show. I watched the original when I was a kid, and am now hooked on the new V.
    I’d love to find out more about the Joshua character and how it is that he became Fifth Column, how he got to such a high position, and why Anna obviously trusts him. I love the plot twist that Lisa is becoming human. That will get more and more interesting. The Chad Decker character is intruiging because you don’t know which way he’ll end up flipping. Will he stick with the V’s once he finds out what they are up to. The human/Ryan resistance is very convincing and Hobbes is a great addition to them. I totally cheer for them.
    I’d say the one thing that I find off is that the humans seem a bit too guillible and eager to buy into the V’s (except the resistance of course).
    Keep up the great work!!
    Best wishes from Toronto. 🙂

  2. For me it is very well done.
    I remember the old series, she was beautiful but naive ..!
    Anna is a very defined character and Morena is great. But of course Joshua rules 🙂
    It ‘s the most troubled character for me. So close to the enemy.
    This last episode (in Italy the 9th) opens many different scenarios, I’m curious!
    Expectations are very high.
    For me, the only character not defined is the reporter, but perhaps redeem himself soon!
    however it is an extremely well made series, with great special effects and psychological tension. Congrats!

  3. My opinion, the good things are:
    #1 The show is pure escapism and entertainment. I don’t watch alot of TV but v is one of the few shows i genuinly enjoy and it gives me “time out” from the real world.
    #2 for the most part the acting is brilliant and believable and the characters are being “fleshed out” so the audience can fell an empathy with them (yes, even the “bad” characters).
    #3 it is good old fashion good v’s evil and the show captures what i think is the essence of the age old saying “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – and to go slightly deeper, that yes, one person can make a difference.

    #4 slightly deeper, the sreies

  4. the bad things are:
    #1 the series is so fast paced (not in relation to storyline which is quite easy to pick up, but in relation to the growth and development of the characters) that if i miss an episode (insert gasps of shock, horror and disbelief here) due to my travel commitments, i feel as though i have missed something crucial/pivitol to the overall character development and therefore, future catalysts.
    #2 i find that Lourdes Benedicto (who plays valerie) over-acts and can find her performance somewhat grating (this is just my opinion). not saying she isn’t a good actress, there is just something about her performance in contrast to all the other actors which is not as believable and easy to watch.

  5. p.s. the only other thing that doesn’t work for me is that we do not get to see enough of joshua – had to put that in. this is a fan site after-all.

  6. I enjoy V. You of course do a great job playing Joshua. I also know that this show is truthful in its message(s). There are reptilian aliens living among us and have for hundreds of years, if not longer. I know that we will be visited by aliens very soon, but before they just land we will first be given a message from the leaders of the world about ufos and alien visitation. All of this will happen very soon, before 2012, because 2012 is the end. What is your view/belief on the 2012 issue/subject?

  7. Ever since the first episode I’ve been hooked. The show really knows how to give you a cliffhanger until the next episode. Honestly, there are so many great supporting actors and actresses that we don’t get to see alot. I think that they all have so much to offer to the story. Especially your character, I’d like to see more interaction with the fifth column across all the ships.
    Just my two cents.

  8. i loved the original series as well as this new one of v…so far we know of what joshua is capable of doing or trying to do…i still think lisa will become more efficient and aware with the fifth column. joshua should trust his instincts and ask lisa to join the fifth column…v is my all time favorite and i don’t see myslef watching any other show after hours…the acting is very believable and it keeps me at the edge of my seat…however…chad the reporter should pick a side…i would think joshua would be in longer i hope cause he’s an awsome character…one of the good guys….keep it coming along mark…love the show…

  9. Not just saying this for your benefit…the Joshua charecter is more substantial than the screentime he’s given. At this point I’m just hoping to see the show back next year. If it does make it back, I hope Joshua is treated as a more central chartecter.

  10. I’m sure this sounds ingratiating, given the forum, but Joshua has been the only reason I’ve been watching “V” for a while now- I don’t think I would have come back after the third episode if it hadn’t been for “The fifth column says hello,” which hooked me like an albacore tuna. He’s the only character who strikes me as truly mysterious and complex; neither his goals or his motivations are entirely clear, and that provides an intrigue that other areas of the show seem (to me) to be lacking.

    I think part of the problem might be that the resistance, at this point, has not really faced their enemy. They haven’t been fighting the Vs, they’re fighting things *about* the Vs– the health centers, Anna’s broadcasts, things like that. Joshua actually represents the real fight– directly acting against Dale, against Anna’s sympathy screenings, etc. This also makes him much more interesting than the rest of the cast, simply because he’s drawing blood while the resistance is at best a tickle under Anna’s chin.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to completely diss the show; it really has bunches of potential, and can definitely still deliver some gutting moments (like Georgie’s death, or Anna’s insanely creepy mating scene.) I just want to see more of that, and less running around various areas of “New York” (sorry, as a NYer, I just don’t buy it for a second, but that’s really a TV problem and not one specific to “V”) doing things that don’t seem to make very much of a difference.

    Oh well. One girl’s opinion! Keep up the awesome work, Mark!

  11. i totally agree with what inkasrain is saying…that was my favorite part when joshua told dale “the fifth column says hello”…that got me more into v…if it wasn’t for joshua too…ryan and the others wouldn’t have anything…so i believe joshua is as important to the show as well…

  12. I think V is great, Joshua plays a very good part in it, I agree with the other person. If it weren’t for Joshua it would be abit rubbish, I just don’t know how he hasn’t been caught yet lol. Good job Mark, take it easy mate.

  13. My favorite part is when Joshua says to Lisa. I will ask for help someday and expect you to do the same to me. Thought it was awesome.

  14. The show is very well executed, slick, and polished for this go around of the series. It does feel a wee bit rushed at times. Really like the concept of your character being a double agent under Anna’s nose. Didn’t know you sang until i found your website. WoW! i’m impressed!

  15. Hello Mark, I think that V is beautiful! is filled with action and mystery! is one of my favorite TV shows!I can not say what my favorite episode because are all beautiful! and you are fantastic! I can not wait to see the next episodes!

  16. hi mark, i think that the original series was a little sarcastic, but as good as well.
    this new v is fantastic, i really enjoy so much and you are amazing as joshua.
    joshua is really important to the fifth column, soon he would deserve more scenes. waiting the next season!!

  17. We are loving “V” in Australia, was good to see my home town of Sydney popping up…as far as the series goes, I think the Scientific community of the world would have played a bigger part in the interactions with Visitors – you know, physicists and doctors..they have been oddly absent in the show so far. Keep up the good work however Mark. Come visit soon!

  18. Everything’s perfect:cliffhanger at the end.
    Maybe,it’s probably done on purpose but i look forward to see the V in V:)

  19. I love “V” and have loved every incarnation of the series. However, this 2009/2010 series is by far, superior. Anna is the villain that you love to hate. While I care for the other characters and what happens to them, I feel the most sympathy for Joshua. His character is plays off as cool and controlled, but there is the slightest flicker of emotion and feeling behind his eyes. Very craftily played! I truly hope that ABC delivers another season, at least, to provide closure.

  20. I hope the series is not canceled. Just read several sites that say there is a good chance!!! I am hooked. I have the original series on video, and watch it all the time when I need to touch that inner nerd. ha! And the reason why I found this site was because Joshua, of course, is my favorite character. In this, discovered your music which I like, too. Hope V continues! LOVE IT!

  21. Hi Mark, Joshua is one of my favorite characters on the show.
    You definitely look the part and I think you’re a perfect addition, that should be continued for quite some time.

    I wasn’t aware that you were a music artist, so all the better now. 🙂

  22. Ditto most of the things that have been said. My favorite part, being a therapist, is the emotional development of the characters. Watching the humans grow is interesting, but it is more fascinating watching the V’s acquire “human” emotion. Joshua is a great study because he is so absolutely emotionless most of the time; the smallest smile or reaction goes a long way. The same for Lisa, but she appears to be moving faster, maybe because her charter is not so clandestine. Thanks for a wonderful show I look forward to watching every week!! Note: My husband is advising a 12-step group for my withdrawl when the season ends 🙁

  23. So far I am loving it. I was a huge fan of the original. The special effects, acting and story are all top notch. Very polished. Very high production value all around. The story in this re-imagining is much better than the original (So is the acting) This one really throws you twists and turns! I honestly build up an affinity to a character and then they become evil!

    You are doing a fantastic job! Joshua is very likeable!

    I hope for many more seasons!

  24. I’ve never seen the original miniseries but I quite enjoy the new one. You will be happy to know btw that Joshua and you are a HUGE fan favorite on V message boards. Someone on another V message board just called Joshua their “new tv boyfriend”, ha! 🙂 I really hope ABC picks up the show for another season.

    What I love about the show is how much underdogs the good guys/Fifth Column are but they keep fighting the good fight. I love the tension and danger and action. Must say though that I cannot stand the Chad Decker character, he seems like such a twat and I wish we’d finally get an idea of whose side he’s on exactly because I can’t tell!

  25. mark…that is awsome how joshua introduced himself to agent evans…i think lisa is already with the fifth column…v is getting good…my favorite part so far…

  26. I was a huge fan of the original 80’s series. I rememeber my parents banning me from watching it. I used to sneak out to my best friends place and watch it with her. I will admit that my opinion is jaded having known the first rendition of this sci-fi classic.
    When I first heard of the series getting a reboot I was excited and a little apprehensive about whether it could hold up to the original. It took me about half of season 1 to start to like the reboot. I didnt think Anna was as interesting as Diana had been. But my opinion changed once she started getting evil and nasty. The only characters I felt anything for were Lisa and of course Joshua. Joshua was an instantly likeable character. I hope his character gets to do a lot more in the next seson. Maybe give him a mean streak.
    Overall by the end of season one I gotta sdmit that the roboot knocked it out of the park.
    Good work.
    John May Lives! 😉

  27. The season finale was excellent. So glad this one has good writers. With Anna experiencing emotion and her daughter being called queen by Joshua, next season should be full of plot twists and interesting story lines. Just hope Joshua doesn’t get tortured too much.

  28. I’m a huge fan of the show! It one of two shows that I tune into regularly(the other being SGU).

    Joshua and Lisa are the best!
    Mark I really hope they develop your character more. After his healing maybe her can reach the surface and join Erica and Father Jack?!

    I love Ana! She’s the one you love to hate and every time you think you have the upper hand on her you realize, “Its all part of her plan”
    I want to slap Tyler sometimes! So naive!

  29. Favorite Part: Joshua, of course! He is one of the most believable characters (given the narrative circumstances) in that he is consistently stressed and somewhat brooding. It was so sad when he had to skin his lover earlier in the season. It doesn’t hurt that he/you are a delicious treat for the eyes either! I hope he stays 5th Column, now that he has been brought back to life in the season finale.

  30. I just think YOU are very charming XD

    OUR favorite part: Joshua

    I stand for all sisters at Baidu forum of V 😛

  31. I love the fact that is not a remake and more of a re-imagining of the older V. I like the attention to detail put into the series, the timeless and fashionable wardrobe of the Vs, the complexity of the ship (Best space ships I have seen on TV – I have seen plenty), the pace of the story, the different ways of story telling applied to the episodes, camera angles and movements that sometime make it look like a documentary (And therefore, quite scary, because it enhances tension), and of course, the acting! There are a lot of talented people and even the extras are great actors!

  32. I don’t like it. I love it !!! Apparently most of the Chinese girls like Joshua the most . I think he is brave, intelligent, compassion,and always be so peace.I just finished the last episode of the fist season last night.When I saw Joshua was dead I was so sad. Fortunately, he is back. Now I am worried about him, will he be the same guy we know, or he just has no humana feelingd no more. And I want to know the story why Joshua betrayed the V to become one of the fifth column. That would be a nice story,is there a girl involved in Joshua’s life? Just looking forward to the next seanson and pray for Joshua.

  33. I’m quite enjoying the show, but there’s a few things I’d like to see changed:

    – Tyler. Sorry, but the character just isn’t up to scratch. He’s supposed to be this significant emotional challenge for Lisa, but it comes across as very forced. I also think it’d be hard to find anyone who actually does like the character.

    – Erica. I know powerful female characters are important and popular, but I think it’s overdone and misses the mark more than it hits.

    – Jack. More needed. Joel Gretsch is an excellent actor (compare V to the 4400 or Taken) with a good range and I’d like to see more opportunities for him to take centre stage. Occasionally, he reminds me a bit of Marc Singer’s Donovan (mannerisms mostly).

    – Joshua. One of my favourite characters (duh) who reminds me a lot of Martin from the original miniseries. If this is what the writers and yourself were aiming for Mark, I think you’ve done a good job. If not, I still think you’ve done well!

    One the script/story front, I would’ve liked to have seen more of the ‘modern facism’ of the original (versus the quasi-religious aspect), but I’m hoping it goes more this way in the next season.

  34. i really enjoy the show, sometimes wish there was more indepth sharing of what makes these people so strong in trying to defend the world. why is the fifth column so passionate about saving the humans? what happened prior and lead them to fight against their kind?

    i enjoy the acting I have been a fan of some of the well known actors, now I am a fan of yours
    keep up the good work.

  35. As a kid I watched the original V with my parents, it was ok but it was one of those shows I was kind of forced to watch because everyone else in my family liked it. So when the new V came on I pretty much refused to watch it. In fact, I didnt watch it at all before it came back on this year. My sister however was hooked from the beginning and in passing I saw your character, fortunately you are eye catching and Joshua is amazing. Your character actually got me hooked and now I cant wait for season 1 to come out on dvd so I can catch up on everything I missed. I am so relieved Joshua was brought back at the end I might have had to quit watching it otherwise lol. Stay sweet and long live the fifth column!!!

  36. It’s really fantastic.
    Joshua and Lisa are the perfect two. Oh, I don’t mean man and woman that kind, I mean the kind like ” A loyal brave liegeman and his yang crown princess”.
    And I do hope that Marcus bring Joshua back to life is NOT for torture him! And I really want to see Joshua fall in love with someone, it’s better be a human woman.

  37. PS, lots of us(fans from China) do hope Joshua and Lisa could become a couple (not include me).
    Because they regard Tyler as having a “disable brain”.

  38. I was only mildly favorable watching V to begin with. I had only seen a few clips from the original series. But it has grown on me and I think the finale was very well written and integrated. All the characters served a purpose and their characters advanced in new ways.

    Joshua is likeable for his integrity and commitment to values but unfortunately we don’t get to know much about him or why he does what he does. I’d like to find out more next season.

    My concerns are that the series will turn into a full on war between the Visitors and humans next season. What makes V interesting is the tension between the deceptive and scheming Visitors and the struggle for the 5th column to expose the truth. If it turned into a blatantly open war then V would be just another Sci-Fi show. I also think the character of Tyler is very flat and obnoxious (despite the actor who plays him). I wish he would evolve beyond being a spineless crybaby.

  39. I think It’s good project. You look fantastic)))So sweet))) I don’t like that Anna killed Well, and when Erica shoot you. But I hope in next season you will fine))))

  40. I want to see Joshua’s backstory! I hope writers can include that, as well as how Lisa became queen. We need more interactions between him and her because they are interesting!

  41. I love V, and you are great in it, really hope we get to see much more of you in the next season!!

  42. Hi Mark!! I love V! Especially your performance! Joshua has quickly become my friends and I’s favorite character. I heard that in the episodes commentary on ABC that Joshua was indeed gay, do you think that will ever come up on the show? I hope so! It would be great for all of us gay fans!

  43. When Joshua got shot by Erica, I turned off the TV in disbelief. I only saw the last fifteen minutes the next day… So, for me, V’s finale was more thrilling than Lost’s, Grey’s anatomy’s or Desperate Housewives’ 🙂 Welcome back !

  44. I think V is a great show, I’m looking forward to the next season…I like it when the fifth column is the center of the story, and the episode where John May appear, i was sad he actually was death =S
    And I also liked when I realized that you were brought back to life =D

  45. hi mark! one thing that stands out to me is that, as in much sci-fi/fantasy and genre stuff, there is always the danger of insufficient subtext and total dramatic flatness when there’s a lot of exposition in the dialogue, particularly when so much of it is on-the-nose and caper-oriented (“what do they want?” “we have to stop them!” “don’t make me do this!”)… but the actors take a lot of stuff that could be laughable if it weren’t in such good hands and make it really interesting. you play joshua with such restraint and such an interesting inner life that he’s fascinating to watch — even when he’s just standing there and thinking/observing.

    i’d be interested in whatever you can share about your process (although you probably shouldn’t!) 🙂 … but at any rate it’s the performances and to some degree the very calculated pacing of the storytelling that i think lift “v” above what it could so easily have been. the judicious use of horror and sexuality to spice it up — but not too much — tells me that some very clever people put the series together. and the casting is obviously really good: they chose you and you’re awesome! you’ve got this insane, effortless gravitas and you’re a real pleasure to watch! all you have to do is stand there and smolder, and you just light up every scene you’re in!

  46. My favorite part is Joshua 🙂 Hope to se much more of him.

    Tyler and Lisa together dosen´t work for me…Hope to se Lisa and Joshua fall in love..You look so nice together and I can se there is some chemistry..

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