13 Replies to “Part deux??”

  1. the qestion is…who thinks v will last longer…???…i think v will become one of the hit shows out there as it is already…but it’s too early to know…but to answer your question…i certainly think another season of this show will deliver…

  2. I was certain it was going to be picked for a second season, the storyline has a lot of ways to go which is something that lacks in shows nowadays. In South America we are a few episodes back but that will make the wait for the second season a bit easier! Cheers

  3. it’s getting better, the last episode-Red sky gave me goose bumps in a good way =). I had to get myself past episode 3 before I’ve finally got hooked onto the storyline but it was eventually well worth it. One major ace that V has at this point is its unpredictability. Those few unexpected twists in the Red sky have definitely spiced up the show

  4. yea joshua better get saved. i was bumping awesome acting skills and joshua being a great character and then BOOM Red Sky happens and now im like WTF.

  5. very happy you got brought back to life, your the prettiest one on the show!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the show!
    you are one of my favourite characters
    you are so cute ^^
    and when I watched the last episode and I saw you daying I
    I can’t wait for the second season!
    the bad thing is that here, in southamerica, we must wait

  7. sorry… my comment was cut =P…

    anyway… I was saying that when I saw that your character was going to die I started cursing the show hahaha… thanx god you were brought back to life =)

    and the bad thing that I was talking about was that here, in southamerica, we must wait a long time to watch some series, but luckily, that didnĀ“t happen with V =)

    greetings from Chile =)

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