New album

I’m in the process of writing new songs for a new album, due out some time next year. This one will be much more pared down, less production and more just me, a piano and some rhythms. More of a David Grey kind of a sound. Looking forward to recording it.


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  1. It already sounds like my kind of album! And your creative pace is amazing, congratulations

  2. sounds like a keeper mark…you creative genius is taking us on a ride…i agree with julia…sounds like my kind of music…would there be ballads…you know some strings and a beat…kind of like bryan el…and coury palermo…would it be sold in retail stores???or cdbaby???well looking forward to it mark…

  3. awesome news.i hope you find some great inspiration to write some wonderful songs.just remember have fun with it man.

  4. I’ve only known your musical work for few days, and I’m already very fond of it. It’s really hard to find good music these days. You ARE making a difference. Hopefully talented and inspiring people like yourself get the chance to offer their work more often and more widely.
    Waiting for your new album. Keep up the good work ^_^
    Btw, good job in V (being alive I mean :D)

  5. Hi Mark!

    Can’t wait for your second album! I’ve listened a few times to your songs and find myself humming them during the day ^.^ So what is currently inspiring you for this next album?

    p.s- loved you in V!! you’ll be a regular for the next season i hope?

  6. WHOOOO!!!! im 11 yrs old,but i LOVE ur music.ur my fav singer and im spreading the word at my school(although Pablo sometimes gets annoyed.) My fav song(so far)=Here I Am My fav role (4ever)=Vert. im a girl but i LOVE Battle Force 5 cuz of u. i HATED hot wheels but now cuz of u LOVE bf5. PS-Vert’s as hot as u.(sorry if i scare ya.)

  7. oh,i almost forgot! when r u coming to Puerto Rico? i live here and i REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY wanna go to ur concert…”here i am on my own i can never go back home…” sorry. i cant stop singng it. DARN! its stuck in my head! (you know wats wierd? on episode 21 of Battle Force 5 “Swarmed” Vert said to Hatch,”u wanna see a magic spell?” i was like “OMG;like the song of the guy that plays his voice…MAGIC SPELL!!!!”) later.

  8. When i began to watch V I thought that I had seen you before in another movie or serie, but I could not remember where. But what really caught my attention was your voice, so deep, so calm, but not without some sweetness. And now Iยดve read that you’ve already publish and album. I don’t know what kind of music you play (and i’ll like to listen to it because i’m really curious) but i can easily imagine you with a guitar or a piano, something intimate.
    Anyway, good luck with your new album and with the serie, because with Joshua you have such an interesting character to develop.

  9. I must confess when I first found out that you are a musician I was quite skeptical, since I haven’t been much impressed with any other actors (or athletes) trying their hands in the music industry. But I stand corrected, I really enjoy your music, ALOT. It is hard for me to find new musicians I like nowadays. I absolutely love your piano scores. Where can I purchase sheet music for your songs (or is that even available?) Once I figure out how this itunes business work I will have to down load some songs. Keep it up man!

  10. Hi Mark. Katrina from Manchester, England here! When are you coming over here to tour? Loving your album and can’t wait to hear the next one. Also congrats on getting the role in V – what a break! Being a similar age to you (a year younger to be exact!), I (like yourself) watched the original series first time round when I was a kid. I’ve got to say I’m enjoying the new V as much as the old one. Talk about gripping viewing! And guess who is my favourite character? – why you of course! I wouldn’t be here on your website if you weren’t!

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