Ch ch ch changes

New updates to the site and other fan sites to come soon! what would you guys like to see more of on this site?

Also, have you checked out my Facebook fan page??


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  1. more smilies 😀 <– smilie addict ^^

    seriously tho ^^

    darkest has a point on the forum. Had been here for a few months before i actually noticed the link to it and still forget it.
    Don't think many people use it which is a pity so it could use some tlc 🙂

  2. Hi, Mark! More facts and trivia. Your biography is MUCH too short. Some people are hungry for facts, you know. Imagine a girl who imagine herself nearby you in wedding dress and she doesn’t even knows how high you are. La pauvre is pushed to measure the difference between you and your colleague Laura Vandervoort in a sceene of “V” with a help of a rule! Don’t you have pity?
    More funny cute stuff like “Of fish”: it’s real, thrill and chill and it shows you familiar with Monty Python which reassures!
    Cannot find any info about your veteran’s project.
    More interviews.
    More pictures.
    In short: the guy who put the content on your site, has to move a bit faster so pay him a bit more maybe 🙂
    Bonne chance et merci.

  3. @Paula: Sorry, my English is not good so I’ve not understood what you mean, please could you explain your point to me? Forgive me I’m a bad English-speaker 🙁

  4. romanova: well ^^

    Assuming you still go to school… let’s say you, oh… took part in a school play or two. And then, the next thing you know, everyone – and I do mean everyone, really, absolutely everyone at school, including the people you don’t know and the people you don’t like and the people who don’t like you – knows your height, your shoe size, the exact shape of your nose, your favourite color, food, drink, what you had for breakfast last saturday, the color of your pillow case, the fact that your pet rat robin died last summer and you cried a lot…
    And some are dreaming of all sorts of things about you and telling you about it. ^^

    So I suppose I’ve put it somewhat harshly before, just don’t ask for someone to offer up more information about themselves than they already have. If they haven’t, chances are they don’t want to. 😉

  5. Yes feathers i agree – perhaps i would have put differently (but also good for you for having (I think its called) a bit of gumption???) – but yes i agree. romanova – a little creepy indeed. not quite sure where (head space) you are coming from – please explain. a wee bit weird……

  6. hey guys, you’re so cute! I’m not even from the same continent. I’m french-russian speakin’ and I’m far not teenage. And I guess that, if some people don’t know what I (me) exactly had as a pet last sommer, well, that’s comprehensible, I’m not Mark Hildreth,or Sien Connery or whatever. I’m not public, I’m not a selebrity. But HE (Mark) IS one. So… And the question was not only about the physics. I would like also get some OTHER imformation 🙂

  7. you should post something about all your shows (that are now being filmed) weekly,like… V,Battle Force 5,ummm… well,you get my point. 8)

  8. gm: yeah, that would be pretty cool. 🙂 Although I guess impossible, because of the amount of time that would have to be invested in that. 🙁 And also, he can’t give us hints about the plot, otherwise he might get sued. ;(
    But maybe something like a section with a scheudle of when something’s being aired would be neat. 🙂

    romanova: i don’t think you’re getting my point. ^^ rrrrr. ^^ Having your privacy is even more important when you’re famous. :p Also, if you took part in a school play, you’d be in the same position, albeit on a far smaller scale. Hence the example. ^^

  9. That sounds fun being
    Able to talk to Mark
    I feel really stupid right now
    how would I know that you haven’t already
    changed it?
    I just made my account
    (I wached every V in 4 days)

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