22 Replies to “Dear people of Egypt: please fight with all your might, and resist without violence”

  1. No joke just because your fighting doesnt
    mea it has to be in a violent way,fight
    if you want but not with violence ^_*

  2. Unfortunately what they are fighting for – freedom, self worth as a people, strength, pride, wanting better for the next generation – this is not something which can be understood unless you have lived in such circumstanc. i agree with you mark in theory and your desire for a peaceful resolution is ideal but very much unrealistic and niave. most of people on this forum will have no ideas what it is to live in such a country where there is no democracy, where there is no true freedom – something which is taken for granted by many countries and their people. it is easy to do – although raised in a different government system i too do admit i have sometime forgotten what it is to be without a voice or choices.
    in this instance there can be unfortunately no option but physical uprisong which will lead to violence and bloodshed. the ones in power do not take notice of “peaceful protests” – what are these peaceful protests to them – nothing but an annoying fly that merely needs to be swatted. we can only hope that the lives that have been lost and the people who have put themselves and their families at risk, has been to no advantage. and yes that at maybe sometime in the future changes can and will be made without the loss of life. That is my wish, as it it is every person wish who lives in countries such as these.
    please offer your support, as it is greatly valued and appreciated but please do not judge some methods unless you have walked in their shoes.

  3. I don’t know too much about Egypt, but i do hope they are not trading one dictatorship for another. My fear is that a group like the Taliban will take over and things will really get bad over there.

  4. it is very very frustrating for me on a personal level to hear the word such as “dictatorship” used in such a (not too sure the right way to say it is with a sense of calm) but in such a way as it sees “trite” and without power. it is
    all positive and every good thoughts and intentions and sympathy i am sure are welcome. @lily your sentiments are good – and that is good as any sentiment for peace is. but is often the story most “american-ized” cultures only see black and white when it comes to politics. i would suggest reading/researching different political/social standards which are still current around the world and you would then have an intellecutual point of veiw as well as an emmotional one.

  5. P.S. I am sorry to everyone if i offended anyone. I just get so frustrated when poliiks crosses with government. To use the words “taliban” is associating everyday muslims with this radical and fasciast off cut – as is cabbala – associating it with everyday /Jews – catholic priests who are charged with disgusting acts (and the catholic church “covering up” for them / associated with everyday catholics and/or christians. as i have written before faith is very different from religion and i have to add that religion etc is at the other end of the spectrum from politiks. I have met so so many people from so many countries, races, religions, points of view, lifestyles and my opinion is that if the person is nice – then they are a nice person – if they are an asshole…..well they are just simply an asshole, no reference to their race or religion.

  6. Like we spoke with my brother yesterday, the system we live in tells us that we can organize as citizens, but we wont really be heard, but if you burn down a bus, then you’ll be listened… like the Joker said in DK: “it’s because is not part of their plan”
    but, like tides, in this time, meanwhile their fighting for their lives, we can send our support, our energy, our love to them… in their low, we can be high… so they will be for us in our troubled times…
    each one of us has it’s own path to change the system, their way is the fighting, mark’s way is through his music… we are one.
    thank raven for helping us to not judge the egyptians nor muslims 🙂

  7. raven: I’d like to agree with you on one point, that’s the point where you say you can’t fight everything peacfully. Thing is, with some people, if you bind yourself to a tree in order to protect it, they’ll just butcher you along with that tree.

    But with Egypt, it’s a crappy situation all over. If they use violence to get rid of the current bastard, where is the innocent civil population going to get the means to do that? The fighters, the weapons, the planners… They’d need a non-governmental militaty. That is, people who have weapons and train soldiers on a large scale inside the country, but are not part of the government. An unofficial military organization willing and powerful enough to fight the government. Now, who would that be in Egypt?
    I think I don’t really need to answer that. I also don’t think I need to take a guess at what the militant organization will do once the current leader of the country is gone. They’ll obviously take over.
    Now, how is a militant group going to protect the human rights of the civil population? Not at all, that’s how. Human rights get in the way of efficient military action.
    And then, how is a militant group going to raise the economy of a whole country? Why, by doing what they do best: war. War is, after all, the best economy boost in history. Of course, it’s also a source of great suffering for everyone involved.
    But when you’re busy waging wars against your neighbour, you’re too busy to do anything else for the country. After all, it’s not like the neighbour won’t fight back. And since you’re not doing much of anything else, while everything else your ecenomy had going for it (say, tourism? Trade?) falls victim to the war, your economy becomes dependant on war. So what happens, even if you win one war in that situation? You start a new one. And then another one. And so on. It’s a vicious cycle where the population suffers, while different militant organizations keep taking over and causing bloodshed. Wouldn’t be the first time something like this happens in the world.
    So really, what they need first and foremost, is a proper leader they could replace the current one with. Simply getting rid of the current one, just to replace it with something even worse, isn’t going to cut it.

  8. @ raven: what did I say to get you so upset? I really didn’t understand your response and just because I mentioned the taliban, I did not refer to all muslims. Sheesh!

  9. I am curious.
    has any peaceful protest worked out for the ‘current’ generation?
    All the peeps who have fought peacefully seem to win over in the end but seems to take an awfully long time.
    I just cannot seem to recall anyone winning quickly by this method?

  10. sorry lily – i do think i over-reacted and went on a bit. you will not understand my response because you did not grow up in the way i grew up and also i think it is because my english is not so good – especially when i am emotional.

  11. @feathers – what extreme environment / motivation cause that person to bind thenselves to that tree (in the hope of saving such tree) knowing that they might be “slaughtered” along with the tree?????

  12. Yeah Mark this guy this not coming “OUT” of office. Other news? Its COLD here in illinois.

  13. hes out of office it seems now 🙂 go egypt o/ 🙂

    does anyone know when marks new album will be out?
    i thought he said end of 2010 but umm.. i might have missed it as ive not seen anything -.-

  14. Well it seems as if the Middle East violence is erupting because of the protest ousting their leaders out… And in terms of your Album Mark… you create it the way YOU want to..

    Don`t let ANYONE TELL YOU that you can not create and write music the way that you want to. (sigh)… If I would have only “listened” to my own advice years ago… Well at least it`s warming up in here illinois.

  15. Yep, he’s stepped down. Let’s hope they manage to get a better candidate to step up. Hoping for the best, fearing the worst. Can’t help it.

  16. Feathers: Fearing for the worst… As we speak now these people are just fed with there own leaders. Their own leaders are actually “killing” their people.

    you know I`m reminded in terms of living in this country… I didn`t come up in the turbulent sixties in terms of MLK and protesting and in the South there was rioting and dogs being turned on people.

    And it`s hard to believe that in this country that really happened and as an american by it being black history month and in terms of me not being a grown person in that “TIME SPAN”. I was BORN in that TIME span, But to live moments in that time span.

    however the reason why in this country we have an african american president is because of those protests..

    yes he`s stepped down.. however the job is really not finished because what you have Feathers is leaders turning their guns on their own people?

    The reason why because of FEAR. As human being we shouldn`t each other. The only thing we fear is ourselves.

  17. @robert adams – it reminds me of a saying “people should not fear their governments – governments should fear the people”.

  18. I like watching Road road runner and Wile E coyote cartoons. Kind of hard to target that bird.

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