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  1. tritto 🙂

    (i know its ditto but when agreeing with two other people it cannot be ditto surely?)

  2. You really ought to come to the US Mark. I know, visas are a pain in the butt but we really love you here…or at least i do!

    (for those who can’t access his twitter, he’s playing a show in Vancouver over the summer, dates to follow).

  3. I know I set up a twitter account a while ago but never really used it so trying to remeber my password.

  4. well i HAD A TWITTER ACCOUNT However I closed it like last year. I noticed there was a person named “Raven” that had the account course I`m not saying it was yours Raven that had twitter this account and it was based off of superman.

  5. Yes Robert, I do. Unless he’s got dual citizenship that I don’t know about, I’m pretty sure he needs a visa to come to the US to play.

  6. Well my mistake it could be pertaining to Visa an mastercard.. i don`t mean to “offend’ anyone.. dual citizenship i believe is nice…

  7. Bugger all! Why is it NOW I realize Vancouver’s on the complete opposite side of the continent from me? I mean really!

  8. @robert – no that is not me. my user name is ravenzech.
    @sara b – i believe mark does play in the usa – he played recently in los angeles i think (?). and i should be the one complaining – canada and the usa are on the other side of the world to me here in australia lol.

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