New gigs!

First Vancouver summer Mark Hildreth concert date confirmed: July 3, 8:00pm at The Backstage Lounge!

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  1. I wonder if I can get a visa to Canada for 1 or 2 days…what you think? Not sure my boss would like that though. Though it is a weekend. But no way I could get home in time to get to work the next day.

  2. you play at some nice looking places mark 🙂
    ok its the 2nd one ive heard of but the other one looked good too 🙂

  3. Dang! I so want to come and see you play. Alas, I have children, a husband, and bills. All the best on your performances though. Maybe if you get to come to the States, preferably the East coast in the DC area, I’ll definitely make a show. Only if you promise to see my Odissi performance in October… hahahahahaha

  4. No, seriously, I do dance Odissi as a hobby. Been studying for 7 years with a 4 year hiatus to get married and drop some kids.

  5. @kemio – i must admit i had to look up “odissi” dance. i have seen it performed before but never knew what it was called (you learn something new every day). it seems like a very exacting style of dance.

  6. Any word on the dates yet Mark???

    Need to have at least 4 weeks advance notice at work to book the night off.

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