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  1. will there be a confirmation hold up cuz of the bank holiday?
    hate it when that happens. bank holidays have a way of being absolutely wonderful (in the fact you get time off work which is ALWAYS a bonus) and absolutely horrible cuz you know if you order ANYTHING around that time it will be held up due to people not being at work so the post people are off also ^^
    <– has ordered a CD which hasn't arrived..yet… *sigh*

  2. robert: you keep asking for me, specifically… have I developed a fan of my own? 😉

    Anyway, it’s not like I can go.
    Kinda figured I’d spare people from hearing me whine about it.

  3. Well I guess.. If you feel the “assumption” in calling me “dude”? I guess thats how I am “presuming the significance of your significance? is this how I am suppose to “presumed”? That i am a “dude”? And not a person. Versus being called a “dude”.. So what is a “dudette” a “girl dude”?

  4. nothing to do with “significance” or “presumptions” – just a a word in my vocab – same as “mate” or “bro” etc.

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