6 Replies to “Snakebitten”

  1. Glad to see you had a nice time.. Yeah Mark Hildreth I can still “croon” a note or two a little bit… Yeah… singing takes a lot out of you Mark Hildreth.

    I may sing again one day however for right now.. I just like to sit back and “listen”… Just listen.

  2. Glad to see that the snakes have spared you ;o), and you had fun.
    I am looking forward to the pics and vid.

  3. Oh no no Mark Hildreth…. Please… I do hope that you did not take it wrong? I never meant the intention that I was a “better” musician? You are an artist.

    No sir.. Different? Yes…. All artist are unique.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  4. keep up with the snakes and I will begin to imagine you dressed as alice cooper 😉
    as said previously – looking forward to the pics + vids 🙂

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