In memorium

A sad farewell to my beautiful friend Julie Patzwald. Julie was an accomplished actor and a delicate and magnificent soul. I spent many hours laughing and having a good time with you. We lost her to suicide 2 weeks ago. She will be missed..

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  1. Always horrid when someone goes, what seems, before their time 🙁

    Actually, always horrid when someone goes period. No matter how long they have lived.

    🙁 🙁

  2. Its a very serious matter. I know I tried it once however I`m still existing on this planet. When I think back it probably was one of the lowest times also it made me stronger like “THE LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT I PUT BEFORE MYSELF AND EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE”.

    Sorry for your loss Mark Hildreth. On a lighter “note”, Be looking for that album you SAID you are surfacing with…. Wednesday, May 16,2012

  3. That I’m very sorry.
    It is bad to lose someone.But to lose someone in this tragic way is appalling.I knew two people who have chosen suicide. It has very shocked me that they saw no other way than this for themselves.

  4. Thursday, May 24th, 2012. Have a nice day, Mark. (watched your movie Everyone, love you more.)

  5. P.S.
    People come into your life to bless you or to be blessed. They either come to learn a lesson from you or in order to teach you a lesson, they come to be loved or to give us love. If there is an unpleasant situation between you and another, know that it will be eliminated when you have learned the lesson or if you have come to a place of forgiveness.

  6. Paula I have a question. And you can give this some thought…. What is AnGela talking about because I don`t want “disrespect” anyone on this “site”? I was thinking Mark Hildreth could help me out to figure the “response”? I don`t mean any harm?? What is that???

  7. umm ask her?

    You can only disrespect someone when you ignore their viewpoint or attempt force a viewpoint of your own on them.
    Asking questions would never hurt anyone. (unless you asked in such a away you insulted them/their comments at the same time)

  8. Hey, was just on here catching up on some stuff so that Heather and I can help with Indiegogo and I noticed you were blogging again … then and found this note. I’m very sorry about the loss of your friend, Mark. Not words or time can erase the pain, no matter what people try to say, but my heart is with you and her family. –Dani

  9. You are absolutely right. Asking questions never would anyone “EXCEPT” when you ask THE RIGHT question you would want to expect the “right” answer.

    The thing of it is; how does one know when the “right” question is being asked? Instead of being “told” and “reprimanded” all of the time… Because of “fear” of asking the right question in the first place.

    You are right we all need to ask questions. If it seem like I was ignoring anyone on this site last time I checked concerning my comments I respected everyone’s religions and beliefs.

    I think you should take heed with your own words Paula because I can remember a comment you said to me a while back concerning the person who “oversees” this site. I`m not trying to contradict you… Thank you.

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