Sorry I’ve been a bit absent guys, was away on a little trip. Back now.

Overwhelmed with the death of Michael Clarke Duncan, who was a wonderful man I got to spend time with, and just all the violence in the world, especially in Syria and Ireland. Sometimes I just have to stand in my kitchen and cry it hurts so bad. Better out than in I say.

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  1. And since replying to “myself is not spamming… How is your album going? Me myself I thought I could try a “rewrite” of a original tune.. Maybe computer technology can fix it. I bet you don`t have that problem with your material.. Yeah.. Have a nice night…

  2. Mark, you remind me when the Irak war started and we could see on TV how the US military were in the country. I just had to go to my room and cry.
    So much pain…
    And just yesterday I saw Edward James Olmos’s intervention on the UN were he speaks about “there are no races, there is just the human race”… and the awesome SO SAY WE ALL…
    If we make our own world, then why do we choose a world of war?
    But we are millions who want to change that… an ant kind of job, as a friend says.


  3. You must own the change be, that you want to see in the world, says Gandhi.

    We must not load on our shoulders the suffering around the world.
    This helps no one.
    We make it well as we can.
    Others become aware and maybe do the same. This moves and changed.

    DonĀ“t be ashamed for your tears, Mark.

    I hope your little trip was nice.

    Feel hugging!

  4. Every day, everywhere, people suffer. And every person’s individual suffering is as bad as all the suffering in the world. And it gets to me too, sometimes, yet the world keeps spinning and people keep passing by, indifferently. But if you allow that to swallow you whole, you will only be adding to the suffering. Your own suffering, that is, which is just as bad as anyone else’s, just as bad all the suffering in the world. So don’t pass by indifferently, if you can help – help, but don’t forget to enjoy life. Don’t allow the suffering to spread over to yourself, as from you it will spread over to all the people who care about you and from there it will go on to someone else. Spreading cheerfulness and care is better than spreading the suffering, even though it can be hard at times.

    I am truly sorry that you lost someone you knew and I am by no means saying that you should not grieve, I am only talking about the suffering of the world at large. Try not to make it your own, if you are.

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