What a guy!

I am reading Gandhi’s autobiography entitled “My Experiments With Truth.” What a guy! he thought some pretty cool stuff!

It is an unbelievable read. A bit dense right off the bat, but well worth the investment. HIGHLY recommend it!

With love,


Sorry I’ve been so absent!!!

Hi y’all. I’m so sorry I’ve been so absent with the blogging recently. I’ve been doing many things!

I just want to get back in the swing of things by saying I AM SO STOKED THAT HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!

I am a huge Vancouver Canucks fan, and I’m so excited that hockey season is back. I missed the first 10 or so games of the season, so my excitement is a little tardy. But I’m back in LA and have the stellar Centre Ice Package, and I’m in hockey heaven again.


With love,

Magic Spell

I’ve posted a brand new demo I recorded with the incredible Warne Livesey! It’s called Magic Spell. It will be on my website, along with another new demo track called If You Say You Will.

Go take a listen, and tell me what you think by signing up for the forum!