Hey, I just added a new video (the first of MANY) to Sodahead, Myspace, and Youtube. You can watch it here:

I am gonna post LOTS more of these, because they’re really fun to make, and I want to just be myself and connect with people! I hope you enjoy it, and check in on my website, as we’re in the process of TOTALLY re-designing it!

With love,

21 Replies to “Videos…Hooray!!!”

  1. You really make me laugh !
    please sing the Knight of the round Table or i’ll challenge you to the fight of the Death 😉

    Hope to see you soon again

    PS : I think I did more bloopers than you in only one scene… at least I try to convince myself it was on purpose (just like you… am I right ?)

  2. HA! that was genius. i’m so stoked to hear that you’ll be making a lot more of these videos. they’re really fun to watch!

  3. After eight hours in a car, a trip to seattle and back, and a dang funeral – that vid just made my night!!!

  4. HAHA! That was FIERCE! Loved the fake british accent, and I think I am now obsessed with the word “fish,” too.

  5. It’s so nice to know that you were being yourself in that video. I too am a natural goof so I understand that it just comes with a territory, lol. You’re just so brilliant! I’ll really be looking forward to the more that are to come! Until then, Cheers!

  6. It is GREAT to finally see the real you. As much as I love the somber, thoughtfullness of your songs it is good to see that a silly, playful side exists. I look forward to seeing all the new ways this website will bring the real Mark Hildreth to his fans.

  7. I thought I smelled some Python…..:) The world is chopped into two types: Those that get MP, those that aren’t cool enough to get it.
    More of these please–it’s cool to see you in action messing around with VA work!

  8. Hahaha i have a feeling you going to do something like this heheh I gotta love the Fish Pun , You should of sing Fish head hahaha .

  9. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that! Your video is just so hilarious!! Now, all we need is more more more!!;) BTW, the song in the background sounds really good!

  10. This is a great taste of what’s to come! Really looking forward to all the future videos!! lol love the british accent too

    P.S. and err, I really really don’t mean to do this, but I just have to ask (don’t kill me!) — is Kristin really gonna be in that Street Fighter movie? Cuz I really hope not to be honest…:/

  11. Greetings from Germany! Hilarious video – I’m still grinning like an idiot! 🙂

    Have fun revamping the website and good luck for all your projects! I certainly will be back for more… fish. *g*

  12. That was awesome Mark! My friends kept lookin at me wierd when I started laughing at my computer saying fish…. its fun to see this side of you, I also loved the music in the background.

  13. Excellent vid! keep up the good work, expecting to see more talent there. Do you do any short films? maybe you should.

  14. Fishy Fishy Fishy! Twas very good! 🙂 hehehe. Really enjoyed it as a fellow actor. Made my day!

  15. Guess I’m too late watching this because when I click on it, I get a message saying video is private. Lools like it was very good though from these responses. 🙂

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