I’m about to finish my new record, entitled Complex State Of Attachment, and I want to explain what the title means.

There was a group of American scientists who were having a dialogue with the Dalai Lama about the nature of human emotions, and the concept of attachments. They were exploring the Buddhist philosophy of breaking attachments to the outside world, so that we can achieve joy and peacefulness, and become aware of how we cause all of our own emotions.

One of the scientists asked the Dalai Lama about love. Isn’t love an attachment? To another person, attaching our sense of happiness to something outside of ourselves? The Dalai Lama thought about it for a moment, and replied that love is “a complex state of attachment,” one that exists outside of the realm of normal attachments, and, when realized in an integrous way, one that can allow one an experience of one’s own essence and humanity.

The second I read it, I knew it was the title of my first album.

This album is an exploration of love: love for self, love for humanity, romantic love, and love for all things. I’m exploring what love means to me in all its forms.

The record is due out in the summer 2008. I hope you like it.


Complex State Of Attachment will be available through my website at

4 Replies to “Love”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this CD.

    Complex State Of Attachment is a great title. If I saw that title on the front of a CD I would definitely feel intrigued to read more about it.

  2. this is amazing and beautiful idea for an album title. the people in your life are very lucky to have a person who cares and appreciates so much.i can’t wait to hear all the “love” and care that went into making this cd. wish you all the best of luck with this album and your career. ^_^

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