I’m really excited about the prospect of positive change in America! It’s so amazing that a person can inspire a nation and a world of people to make lives better.

I’m thinking about this, and it occurs to me how profound it is that we feel inspired when something like this happens. Whether it’s Bush or Obama that inspires us, we have the innate ability as human beings to feel wonder, awe and joy. How amazing it is that we can choose to feel this way. How funny it is that we feel beholden to these people, these leaders to somehow “make” us feel this way, how funny that we are so likely to believe that without people like this, we cannot feel this power of inspiration and hope.

The reality is that we choose this feeling. Think about it: how do Obama or Bush somehow “transmit” these feelings to us? The truth is WE CHOOSE IT. And this means that we see something in the world that we respect or cherish, and we cause ourselves to experience our own innate ability to feel hope and wonder at the beauty and pristine clarity of our own vision of how the world can be.

What an incredible experience we relegate to the unlikely event of a leader being eleced under unprecedented circumstances.


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  1. Hi Mark,

    I am new to your site & music- and I gotta say I really like your music & whole outlook on life- or at least what I learned so far.

    Have you studied psychology / NLP? I personally have a fascination with human psyc. experience / behavior – I noticed a lot of great ideas that you share with your readers / fans through your blog/music.

    The arts & music are such powerful medium for change (& as you probably know, there are strong research evidence for this & ultra-successful social experiments using music / arts to transform a society) I admire & appreciate very much what you’re doing with your music.

    Keep up such Outstanding Work! 😉

  2. hello! i just think that it’s so amazing what you do, kristin, kendra, allison mack. i think that it’s really amazing and i hope you stay committed to it all throughout because the world needs people like you guys..really. and you inspire us to go do our part too. God bless and wishing you success in your endeavor!

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