Editing Siddhartha

I have got a good thing going with the editor of my video for my song Siddhartha! His name is Matt Lyons, and he really is a very good editor. We’ve worked together for quite a few hours on the video so far, along with the video’s director Chad Krowchuk, and I’m loving what were getting! Not only is Matt sensitive to story and process, but he has a great eye for aesthetic, and has great rhythm! We’ve talked a lot about how the pictures should enhance and support the rhythm and melody of the song, and he’s right there with me. He’s clearly done this before!

The video should be finished in the next month or so, we’re taking careful time with it to make it as good a it can be. You’ll be able to see it here on my website, and on Youtube and a few other places soon!


2 Replies to “Editing Siddhartha”

  1. I’m sure it will be great! Take the time required… but hurry! 😛 I wanna see it soon 😀 hehe

  2. That is so great,I’m so excited for this video.I’m glad you got Matthew Lyons as an editor,I’ve heard his work is excellent.Also it’s cool that Chad Krowchuk directed it.He is a fabulous actor,I can’t wait to see how his directing is.I wish the next month or so would come sooner,but that’s okay I’ll try to be as patient as an excited fan can be.

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