BIG hockey fan!

I am a big Vancouver Canucks fan, I gotta say! I’m stoked that my team is getting close to a good playoff berth this year! I’m going for them all the way yeah!!! Luongo has a great chance to really show his stuff this year, maybe for the first time in his career, in terms of playoff performance, and I’m really excited to see him perform. I think we’re got a good shot for the first time in quite a while, and I’m eagerly anticipating the results!!

Go Nucks!!


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  1. Dear Canucks, I love them too but rarely get to watch them play because of the time zones….hopes for our Habs is slowly disapearing…i mean, it’s the 100th anniversary, fired coach, on sale team and series participation far from certain….Spring= hockey series yay! Best luck to Luongo and why not a win of 4-0 in the series against…? 😛

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