siddhartha additions

We are adding some footage to what we have for the Siddhartha video. We got it into the editing room, and realized that the story we wanted to tell wasn’t quite getting told, and that a little extra push from something else would do the trick. So, we are going to use some of Chad Krowchuk’s amazing animation skills and visual genius to build some cartoon work into the video.

It will go along with the live footage, enhancing the story and putting the video into a context, a new world. It will bring a whole new aesthetic to the look of the video, putting it into a realm reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s amazing films.

Chad Krowchuk is going to create a whole new element for this video, which is going to knock your SOCKS off!!



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  1. You are mean with all this teasing mark….:P It will certainly be awesome!! when when when haha

  2. Hi Mark, I stumbled on your music through a misspelling and I’m still getting to grips with what you’re doing. I just had to register to say that I think what you’ve produced so far is very good. I’m UK-based, so my tastes are extremely ‘European’ – and I’m therefore finding your sound quite ‘American’, if you can understand that. I do, however, find your lyrics quite inspired. For the record, I’m listening to Kings of Convenience, Erlend Oye and Badly Drawn Boy here, which I suppose are very lyric-based artists. Do you know them?

    Also, I’m putting down ‘primrose’ as that was my nickname at work for a long time. I’m actually Amanda, but I think there are a couple of Amandas posting on here? Confusing! Good luck with everything, anyway. I’ll follow things with interest.

  3. Oh man,this is so exciting.I’m glad you are putting an animated feel to the video,I really hope it helps get the story across to the audience better.I can’t wait for this video,but thankfully it’s not much longer.Also it’s awesome you have such great friends who are talented and want to help you improve your musical creativity.I’m sure Chad is doing an awesome job.Oh and I’m super happy you have been posting blogs regularly,I just love to hear what’s going on with you or your thoughts on different matters.Keep up the great work.

  4. I just bought your album a week ago and I glad to say I love it.
    The funny thing is that I had originally bought it because you are one of my favorite voice actors (you voiced Heero Yuy) and I thought that I should support your new album.
    When I listened to all of the songs I couldn’t help but smile. It’s not often I find good music and meaningful lyrics behind it. Siddhartha was one of the songs I had to research about because I curious. Then it clicked.
    I just wanted to wish you luck and to thank you for such meaningful music. It’s funny how I was originally a fan of your voice acting and now I’m a fan of your music. Your talent truly keeps your fans with you, no matter what you do.

  5. I thought I just posted a comment. oh well. I just wanted to tell you that I just bought your album and I really love it. You probably get that a lot.
    At first I just bought it to support you because you were a voice actor on one of my favorite shows (and my favorite character:Heero Yuy) That was a long time ago.
    One day a girl posted a comment on a forum for Gundam Wing saying that you had music up on myspace. So I checked it out and I was surprised. So I started listening to one song, then decided that I should buy the album and support one of my favorite voice actors. I’m glad to say that I changed my mind and now you are one of my favorite singers. I don’t often find music with meaningful lyrics….but when I listened to your album I couldn’t help but smile. I had to research Siddhartha so that I could extract enough meaning out of the song. I like that, when you need to search things out t find what lyrics mean. Makes you learn a little more about the world. Your talent keeps your fans with you, whether they heard your voice in a show or a song. Thank you for such wonderful.

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