The Street Team page is coming!!

The Street Team is almost here! I know it’s been a LOOOONG wait for the Official Mark Hildreth Street Team part of the site to go live, but it’s finally happening!

Soon there will be a whole section dedicated to fans, a place where we can interact, share ideas, stories, and help promote each other! We’ll have a dedicated forum, pics, fan art, blogs, videos and more!

Stay tuuuuned!!


4 Replies to “The Street Team page is coming!!”

  1. Oh that sounds wonderful.That will definitely be a great advancement for your site.I have been missing the forumns ever since you changed the site.So I’m really looking forward to that,and everything else that will come.Can’t wait for the street team Mark.

  2. ‘Street team’? I’ve never heard of one! Well, if you need a UK presence I’m here (whenever you think Europe is ‘ready for you’!). Btw, do make sure your forum can repel spam as much as possible. Erlend Oye’s forum was absolutely plagued with the stuff *weeps*
    Otherwise, good luck with the preparations and don’t feel rushed 🙂

  3. Hey Mark,Hope all is well with you.just wanted to tell you of a recent assigment i my keyboarding class we had to do a presentation for 3 minutes on any topic we chose.i did mine on the faboulous muscian/actor mark hildreth.i presented it yesterday on thursday,and it went well.the teacher took volunteers,about six of us probably went.i did it,and it went smoothly.i think you may have even gotten a few more fans.i was the only student who actually did the full three minutes,i even went a little past that,since the teacher was listening attentively to your life story.i even brought in your album,which got me bonus points.well just wanted to tell you.So glad i did it on you really do have an interesting life and you are one of my favorites muscians out there.oh yeah i hope everything is coming along well with your street team.that is gonna be so great for all of your fans.I know that i am sooo excited for it to come.

  4. I would love to help & I tried to do your street team thing but it said it was flagged as spam so I don’t know if you’ll get it lol

    Love your music Mark keep singing & hope you come to Utah to sing I would love to see you live that would be amazing

    you have an amazing talent so keep singing

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