Siddhartha Video update!

We’re adding a whole new animation element to my Siddhartha music video! Chad Krowchuk, the director, is designing and implementing animation to tie together some of the footage! It looks GREAT! I am really excited to share it with you.

Sorry it’s taking so long, but good things take time! Look forward to seeing the video linked on the site within the next month or so!


3 Replies to “Siddhartha Video update!”

  1. Wow that sounds really awesome! and exciting! >.< hope to see it soon ^^ Have a great day!

  2. Yay for the animation.That will be cool.But come on Mark,I feel like i am being teased.I have been dying to see this for sooo long. though you are totally right good things take time,and of course we want your first music video to be good,heck we want it to be great.I am looking forward to seeing all of your hard work,i’m also hoping the next month would come sooner for summer break and the video.

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