Jeff Gomez

I met a wonderful man last night named Jeff Gomez, he is the CEO of a company called Starlight Runner Entertainment. We chatted for a while, and he asked me what I do. I mentioned that I play the lead voice of Vert Wheeler on the Mattel CGI cartoon Hot Wheels, and he almost went white! Turns out, he created the character based on his father, and his experiences of himself as a child!! What a cool meeting. Check out his company, it is really neat!


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  1. Wow that must have been an awesome moment,to meet the creator of a character you play.You must have had a blast taling to jeff.That’s really cool Mark,thanks for sharing your wicked cool meeting with us.

  2. To all of you who admire Mark’s work, I can’t begin to describe how smart and perceptive and downright cool he really is. If I had a fantasy of anyone in the world who could have portrayed my dynamic and beloved character Vert Wheeler it would be Mark Hildreth.

  3. I’ve just read Jeff Gomez’s bio and he seems to have had an amazing climb to where he is. It’s also fascinating to see which charities and projects he’s involved with. Mark, have you got links on your site to any similar causes you’re involved in?

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