Anime Evolution!

I had an awesome time at Anime Evolution this year, the huge Vancouver convention that took place over the weekend. Played a great show (what a huge room!) and the fans were amazing. Vancouver is my hometown, so I have a soft spot for this convention!

My sincere thanks to the all the organizers, and to the fans, who help to make each and every concert memorable!!


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  1. I didn’t know you were going to be and play there.That’s cool you got to play in your hometown.I’m glad the show went well and thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Everything you do lately seems massive. Are you still managing to pepper it all with small, more intimate venues? They’re the ones I love most.

  3. Hi Mark,

    I was at your concert at Anime Evolution. You were fantastic. You probably don’t remember me but I came and talked to you after the concert, mentioned that I play 3 instruments and you told me that you’re hopeless at guitar 😛 Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for being so nice and that I’ve been listening to your album. Its all amazing, but I think you sound even better live!

  4. hi mark!

    I listened to your concert at anime evolution too. You sounded really amazing!! My favorite song that you sang was Belfast. I hope you post it up soon on myspace =)You’re very talented at performing. I hope you can come back to anime evolution next year to perform.

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