I’m in Tampa!

I just landed in Tampa Florida, gosh it’s hot here! How d you guys do it!

I’m looking forward to an amazing glass of orange juice with my breakfast! See you all at the concert Saturday night!


4 Replies to “I’m in Tampa!”

  1. It’s a ridiculous notion, I know, but if it’s that hot you might consider taking it slooooowwwww?

  2. I’ve been to florida once and it was super hot.but where i live it’s crazy hot,so I sort have been acustomed to it.though i definitely like the cold much more.i hope you enjoy florida and the upcoming show.there will definitely be a huge turnout.

  3. I forgot to say ‘good luck’ for Saturday, Mark – hope it’s cooled down for you by the evening. My absolute favourite band, Kings of Convenience, are playing a long, long, long-awaited gig the same night in the Azores, so I’m sharing all my good luck wishes between you! 🙂

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