Florida Orange juice!

Oh yes, it really is tasty!

I had a great concert in Florida, again the fans were amazing, and I had a really good time. Too bad about the cold weather…ummmmm, no, it was really freekin hot!

good times. Hope to be back in Tampa again next year (or sooner) thanks to everyone who came out, and to the wonderful band Abney Park, who were instrumental (pardon the pun) in getting the show to function!


3 Replies to “Florida Orange juice!”

  1. First of all, when you say ‘orange juice’ I can only think of Edwyn Collins! šŸ˜€
    I also automatically side with apple juice. I started drinking it in the cafe of the Vasamuseet in Stockholm and fell in love with it – jag ska dricka ett Ƥppeljuice – evighet!!

    I Googled Abney Park. Ummmm. I have to be honest and say I was a bit flummoxed by their music, but I’m all for links to new bands. I’m following The New Wine now because they supported another band I went to see live. So it’s all good – I’m glad they added to the show for you.

    And it didn’t cool down? Treat it like a sauna. It probably detoxed you, along with the OJ.

  2. so glad the juice was tasty and the concert went well.it’s great to know the fans have been treating you well.can’t wait to hear of more of your exciting adventures.

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