Adrian Glynn

i am shooting to play a concert in Vancouver this summer with the soulful artist Adrian Glynn. You can look him up, he’s a great singer, and we play a good show together. We’re hoping to premiere my Siddhartha music video, as well as screen a video of his. Stay tuned for more details!!

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  1. Blimey, he’s a busy guy isn’t he? I’ve just listened to his tracks on MySpace and I absolutely, absolutely l-o-v-e Blue Belle and Stop the Time. Even as a demo, Blue Belle is perfect. I hope he doesn’t twiddle with it too much – I think he’s got it just right as it stands. It’s funny, his two highest played tracks are the ones I like least!
    …I have to look up his work in the Indian slums now. How amazing.

    Good luck with pulling that concert off. It would be the perfect blend, and an excellent platform for the video 🙂

    And thanks for the link!

  2. I’m friends with him on facebook for awhile now actually because of you.i heard he was an amazing would be super sweet if you could record yall’s show together,you know so maybe some of us big fans could see it.but if you can’t that’s totally understandable.and the siddhartha music video,god i can’t wait for the actual release.

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