I just created a profile on Ourstage.com, a really cool music site where you can sign up as a fan and find new music, and judge it in monthly competitions!

Head over to http://www.ourstage.com/fanclub/markhildreth and you can vote my songs into the Pop category!



3 Replies to “Ourstage.com”

  1. Done! I’m still finding my way around the site (which is a brilliant idea btw) but I’m already finding it more productive to be a fan there than on another social site because there’s a real purpose to ‘ourstage.com’. Is it down to you to enter your songs into a music category? That’s the only bit I’m unsure about…
    Anyway, I’ve ‘judged’ a few tracks from other people and can see lots of comments from users – so it’s obviously a site that’s being used – and that’s the important thing. Good luck with it all!

  2. awesome i love how you make profiles on many amazing sites to get your stuff out there.i will check that up right now.

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