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  1. Great work Mark once again, great lyrics supported by moving melodies! Will they be on your next album? 😛 Belfast has a nostalgic feel to it, like perfect with a slow-mo recap of good memories..

    woohoo! 😀

  2. aww mark i was so excited to see this post.i love hearing new songs.belfast was so beautiful and sweet.i love when you said belfast it sounded like a bit of an irish accent coming out.great great job on it.your voice has never sounded lovlier.

    And that was a different version of angels right.i haven’t heard that song in quite some time.but i really liked how it sounded now.yet again great job.

    these songs are truly sounding amazing.so woohoo indeed on making them and redoing it and all that good stuff.thanks for putting it up.i’m waiting for change of mind and the siddhartha music video to premiere.when i see that posted i will most likely keel over from happiness,just like today.

    well until next post mark.

  3. I like the slant you’ve put on ‘In My Life’ to make it your own. Your piano arrangement is something I’d never have imagined with that song. It works!

    ‘Angels’ is good, but how I’d love to hear you do that song with a female voice too, and (eeeek!) a cello! 🙂 I don’t know – I just have a thing for cellos! Haha! Nevertheless, at points in ‘Angels’ I really wanted to hear a female harmony. I don’t know if you already work with female vocalists, or whether you have that long slog ahead of you of finding ‘the right voice’ to fit yours. Anyway…

    ‘Belfast’ sounds brilliant with your younger voice!! I listened to Elton John’s again straight after yours to compare, and I felt your voice brought out more tragedy in the lyrics because your voice is just so much younger than EJ’s. His voice sounds older and more authoritative and makes it almost anthemaic. Your voice brings out more of an elegiac feel to it. I don’t think you could better your version in any way. No cellos required! ;-P

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