Hey, go check out www.vtowncartelmusic.com! It’s a great music site that is featuring me as an artist right now!

Vtown is a company that licenses music to all kinds of cool places, and they have offered to work with me for a while. Stop by and see what they’re up to!

they were recommended to me by a good friend, check out one of her websites too! www.7daystobalance.com!


2 Replies to “www.vtowncartelmusic.com”

  1. awesome site mark.i love how when i went there music started to play right away.i searched your name and your profile came up with all your songs listed.that’s a wonderful site to promote your music.and i have to say i love that picture you got up.

    and your friend’s site is just all kinds of awesome.i read through her first post and wow totally relatable and makes sense.thanks for posting these sites.

  2. It’s always nice to see you get some exposition out there! 😉 Great sites by the way, I did not know tamara had a blog! 😛 She seems like a wondeful woman:D Take care

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