The Canadian Tudors!

The Tudors is premiering in Canada in September, so I’ll be doing a bunch of press for the show in the next month or so. Look for stuff to be posted in a bunch of different places, I’ll try to link as much of it as I can. If you see something, be sure to post it up here on the site!

Also, how is the Street Team coming along guys? Still having problems?


3 Replies to “The Canadian Tudors!”

  1. Aww that’s cool,I still have to catch up on a few of the episodes you were in.yay for the press stuff,looking forward to that.

    I still haven’t gotten a confirmation link,i think i’ll just register again sometime soon when i get the free time.

  2. It must be strange to still have to promote work that you completed aaaaages ago. You must really have to cast your mind back. But working with Max von Sydow must be fairly unforgettable 😀

  3. What a great show! Short season, but hey, still great 😛

    Have a great time Cardinal Pole! :p

    Concerning the street team, I registered a while ago, but I have not received anything new or updates, should I?

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