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  1. Most newsletters I subscribe to are monthly, and that’s fine by me. It all depends what you’ve got to fill a newsletter with. Personally, I’d never commit myself to something too regular in case I couldn’t fill it – and I’d only feel defeated in not filling it. I’d start off monthly and reduce it to tighter gaps if I realised I had too much material.

    I think if you email newsletters too, it’s a good idea. I often forget to look at bookmarked pages until a newsletter pops up in my Inbox. *blush*

  2. (wait, bi-weekly as in every 2 weeks right? B/c sometimes ppl mean twice every week when they say bi-weekly. That would be a little much.)

    I agree w/ primrose – the frequency of the newsletters depends on what is best for you & what you’ll most likely be able to commit to. Monthly would be cool too, and maybe better, as you would have more content to fill it with

  3. I could go for a weekly newsletter,udating us on your happenings.but a monthly one would be good too,if there was more to say.i’m just glad this will be on the site.

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