News and music sites you like

What are your favorite news and/or music sites? I’m looking around for the best ones, which ones do you guys use the most?


5 Replies to “News and music sites you like”

  1. SKY for news; for music.
    But they’re UK/European.
    Not that you don’t need to *hit* that market at some point…

  2. Youtube = essential music promotion tool 🙂

    I think it’d be really helpful for you if you made like little music videos for some of your songs & post them on Youtube. They don’t have to be elaborate or take a whole crew (like the Siddartha video-these can be once in a long while since they take so much more time to produce) – just a visual to add to your music. It’d be a fun & easy way for ppl who enjoy your music to share them w/ others. We’d link our friends to these music videos and it’d be more interesting for them than playing just a song for ppl.

  3. broadjam,mostly youtube.

    will your siddhartha music video be premiering anytime soon?I am extrmely excited to see the finished product.

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