On being an Alien

It’s not easy being green.

the thing is, how do you pay an alien? I was talking to one of the other actors on the show, and do you just talk kind of slowly, and without emotion, and walk around kind of stiff?

I wanted to bring a kind of humanity to Joshua, because it seems to me to be a stronger choice if all the aliens are different. If you never know what you’re going to get, just like humans. This way, no alien or human can predict how aliens and humans will interact.

Hope you are enjoying the show.


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  1. i’ve seen the original v when i was younger back in the 80’s…now i’m 33…i have watch the opener to v and love the new show…i do hope joshua…your character goes far…so how does it feel to be the good guy in v???…that’s how i discovered you mark…as joshua on v…so i do know it’s early in the show but do you think joshua will help ericka a and the others and go against anna???have you seen the original v???to bad you had to skin you friend in the medical field…but already 2 v’s have perished on the show already…do you have upcoming movies as projects along the way or is v your current role???you really get into character too…i’ve noticed the way you are too on v…kind of stiff and walks funny…lol…but i guess it’s the character you play…have i said i love the show since its opener episode…hope they don’t catch you mark as joshua…my friend faye loves your show too…well i got to hand it to you…you come in peace always…the fifth colomn is of peace to humanity runned by the v’s who go against anna…more power to you mark…

  2. HUGE fan of the show – and your work. Just watched episode 4, and was really moved. (Which kinda sounds odd in terms of a sci-fi show).

  3. It makes sense to make Joshua more human like, since he’s one of the good guys who wants to help the humans… In the 1980’s mini series the rebel V’s were like that as well, while the ones who were against the humans were very emotionless and stiff.

    I’m loving ‘V’ and your character is very likable… so I guess this confirms you’ll be appearing in more episodes… nice! πŸ˜€

  4. Hey Mark,
    It’s very exciting to see you in this juicy role. It makes total sense that the aliens would not act identical to each other. Of course, there’d be variations on personality and motivation. I’m enjoying that aspect of your character. Joshua is a very sympathetic role. Really hoping his character continues on the series. Terrific storyline going there… even folks my co-workers who don’t know you from anime and music were telling me how much they enjoyed Joshua. You’re a hit!
    Best to you!

  5. Hey hey!

    When I heard about your recent role, I tuned in to watch it of course lol. My friend was already watching it and when I told him you were Joshua, he said, oh great, he’s the good alien lol. The idea of you skinning your friend was pretty disgusting but you seemed really torn and that was really well played, such as in Supernatural lol, I was like…uh…your eyes were terrific! such believable even if I know your so nice and kind in person hehe. That’s the magie du cinΓ©ma isn’t it πŸ˜› and that’s what made Joshua more likeable and credible. More episodes coming? πŸ˜€

  6. Good to see you on a new role! I was one of the AE-goers who got your autograph and CD! I was channel-surfing this week and decided to watch V and then I saw you! Took a few minutes before it clued in that it was you! And during commercial, I did a google search and discovered you play Joshua on V! How cool is that? You were awesome playing the alien, keep up the good work! I liked how you added more humanity into the character, was well played. Looking forward to watching more V and your character! πŸ™‚

  7. Mark,
    Like one of the previous comments, I discovered you through ‘V’. It’s funny though. Joshua is very similar to the character I loved from the original series. Martin/Philip was a similar character and Frank Ashmore played him at the time.
    I look forward to the continuation of ‘V’ in March.
    Best wishes!!!

  8. There was a scene in the original V where the director, Kenneth Johnson, decided NOT to show someone (in this case, a human) who had been butchered by the Visitors. Instead, he let the protagonist’s face convey the pain he felt when looking at the body. The decision not to show you butchering your comrade (or, in a previous version of the script, your lover), but rather to have you convey the horror of doing it, reminded me of that scene. Good job!


  9. Just caught up with V and really found your work on the last episode incredible. The emotion you exhibited when Joshua was basically forced to skin a friend who sacrificed himself for you was well played and truly moving. Hope your character is seen in whats more to come in March!

  10. LOVE the new V show! and i love your character! the fact that he’s on the good side is really cool, that caught me by surprise!! I can’t wait to see more of what is to come to “Joshua” and his involvement with the resistance. As for Mark the artist, your music is awesome dude! another surprise i did not see coming when i Googled your name!! I bought your album on iTunes and loves it! I’m gunna do a post on my blog on ya! you’re a coat of many colours eh!:)

  11. I just finished watching all 4 episodes of the show here in Australia. I saw you and fell in love. Thanks Mark. You’ve brought new meaning to what I loathe of the V people. You actually have a human heart or acquired one. Keep it up! I know I’ll be watching more because of you…

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