Does anyone else think I should overhaul this site? I’m wondering if it has too much music stuff and not enough about my acting career? Anybody else agree with that?

Any suggestions??


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  1. Have you looked at anyone else’s site, and liked it, and worked out why it’s so appealing? What’s ***ELTON JOHN’S*** site like???!! 😀

  2. I also think a revamp is needed. It’d definitely be a good idea to make your site more comprehensive (include acting & voice acting work) and include a complete discography (like music from your older albums/singles)

    And maybe get the Street Team to work? 🙂

    Check out Zachary Quinto’s site

  3. i definitely agree that you should post more or your acting abilities and other acting jobs you’ve done in the past…and kind of balance them out for people…and i think your website is very creative…but not all people know that you are a musician…i actually didn’t know until someone on told me you had an album…so it’s good too…music is inspiring…and you should go with what you feel people want to know about you…there is another website that i check out….christian pop artist matthew west has agreat site at and brian kent has a website that plays music when you view his site…try adding a playlist of your songs on your website…that’ll be cool too man…but overall…i think you do a great job in what you do…can’t wait to see v next month…

  4. yeah, you should emphasize more on your acting career because you’re really talented and people should know about your work! 😀

  5. I first became aware of you as an actor and just recently discovered your music (which is awesome, by the way). It would be great to see and hear more about that side of your artistic life.

  6. I have to admit I know you from your music,but I’d love too more about your acting and the projects.if you can,you should do that,it would really open up your fanbase a bit’d be cool to see your filmography along with your discography,i’m a huge movie fanatic and love to see and discover actors and their work.i would also love to see more of your work.

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