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So sorry about the stall in the Street Team, guys, we are working on getting it back online. What have you guys been able to do so far? Has any part of the Street Team been working yet?


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  1. i was thinking about the street team for a while and thought…are we going to recieve updates on future events with the street team???i couldn’t do much cause i didn’t recieve an email after the one when i signed on the street team…so like everyone else i’m waiting to see what happens…if there is anything i could try to do to help…please let me know…that’s why i joined the street team…hope eveything will come in place…oh it’s almost time to watch v again…can’t wait to see it…hope it doesn’t clash with american idol though…lol…

  2. Your newsletter has winged its way across the globosphere to the UK today with no glitches 🙂

  3. what exactly is the street team? i’m guessing it is sort of promotional thing for mark’s music.
    of course i’m always promoting the music i like. isn’t that what everybody does when they are a fan of something?

  4. Love the V show. I hope your participation in the show is long lasting. You are a great adition to the The Fifth Column. Your music is also very awesome, and your voice has an inspiring color. Soothing and pleasant.
    lots of love from Lima, Peru.

  5. Je suis surement l’un des rares fans français (peut etre) mais quel talent et quel belles mélodies dans cet album.. c’est beau, vrai et envoutant ! Mark est en boucle dans mon ipod !!! I love it !! Love form Paris !!!

  6. Hi! Glad to visit your page. Unfortunately here in Russia not at all your music, perhaps this is due to the fact that in my country you are little known. But I really liked your role in the movie and your music. Your new fan from Russia!. Egor

  7. Hi 🙂 just sending a greetings from norway… great music, and hope the V-series goes on for a long time 🙂

  8. You are very good actor,but to that you would devote yourself,if not actor’s skill and music?

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