The music video is FINALLY here!!!!!!!!

My NEW hilarious music video for “Siddhartha” premieres on my website and Youtube March 30 – or

5 Replies to “The music video is FINALLY here!!!!!!!!”

  1. cool mark…can’t wait to see your new video…i’m sure it’s a great video…thank you for sharing it with us…

  2. Awesome! I certainly picked a fortuitous time to discover your music. Not, I’ll admit, my usual genre but there’s something amazingly — and hauntingly —  beautiful about “Complex State of Attachment.”

  3. i agree with joy…my usual genre is celtic and techno…but something about “complex state of attachment” caught my attention to buy the album…and have it on my ipod…

  4. Yeah!!!I’ve been waiting forever to see this.I’m so glad I will see it soon.Can’t wait for the 3oth to hit,this is exciting Mark,your first video,that’s so cool.

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