My “Siddhartha” music video (which is REALLY funny, you’re going to like it!) is premiering here and at my Youtube page same day as “V” premieres!

March 30 –

Looking forward to your responses!!!


3 Replies to “ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE!!!!”

  1. Tuesday’s gonna be a really exciting day with “V” returning and the music video premiere. I’m sure both will be amazing — and I can’t wait to see what’s so funny about the video. There aren’t clowns involved, are there? I know. It’s practically cliche to have a fear of clowns but I do find them irrationally unsettling.

  2. this is really cool mark…i can’t wait to see your music video…i’m sure it will be a great video…as the song is too…and cant’ wait to see v this coming tuesday…as for clowns…can’t say that i have seen a music video with a clown in it…lol…that would be amusing though…but clowns in siddartha…lol…let it speak for itself…lol…

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