8 Replies to “Thar she blows!!!”

  1. Definitely lived up the its “hilarious” billing. Great song, great video and a great segue from a hectic workday into an awesome evening. Thanks for the giggles, snorts and chuckles (as unladylike as they all sound).

  2. i must say that it had me rolling with laughter and a fun video at that mark…thank you for sharing this little jewel of a song with us…it was too hilarious…now i’m going to get ready to see v tonight at 10 on abc…

  3. Wow that really was hilarious,and definitely worth the wait.That animation you mentioned was done well and very funny,your a cute baby btw.I also liked the use of the puppets.My favorite part was when you got up on the table,you seem very into it and crunk as well.I really liked it,nothing I ever expected.It made me laugh with all the great surprises.incredible first video man,it surpassed any expectations of awesomeness i had!!!

  4. How fun! Totally enjoyed it! An awesome video to go with an awesome song! Congrats!

  5. I told you what I thought of it via Twitter. I was quite agog, to say the least. And the shorts mildly disturbed me. You have much to live up to now with the 2nd video.

  6. Quirky video, cracked me up. Yeah,the shorts were unexpected, as were the puppet people, sunshine dangling behind, the rocky horror plant by your man-baby.. loved it, it was fun!

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