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  1. the last episode you said less lines…hope you interact with erica and the resistance…would like to see the fifth colomn in action but i know it’s early in the show right…can’t wait to see v tonight…after american idol…lol…

  2. I’m watching V, you’re so amazing. Sorry for my bad english but i’m italian πŸ™‚ i’m a 21 years old boy and you like me very very much, especially when you was talking with Ryan in the last episode!! i send you a kiss!bye

  3. It will be iteresting to see what role your character will play in protecting the humans aboard the ships and the 5th column members on earth…and whether or not anna will test/suspect your character after the ‘john may lives’ interruption! great show, great character. hopefully ryan will find the old communication equipment so your role on the show can become more prominent.

  4. It seems Rudy got his wish last night as Joshua played some pretty integral parts in “Pound of Flesh” and got to introduce himself (which was pretty gosh-darn awesome) to Ryan β€”Β and imparted some pretty important knowledge to our favorite Earth-bound V.

    I do have to throw out some most excellent kudos to Mark’s CGI keyboarding skills. Impressive. Most impressive.

  5. last night’s episode was truly awsome…the way joshua introduced himself and it marks the beginning of the fifth colomn…how cool is v…???…pretty good stuff mark…had to agree with joy…

  6. hey. you’re a really interesting actor. i had to look you up to see what else you’d done!

  7. I watch V and sorry for sounding like a fangirl – I totally love Joshua! I hope they give you more screen time! You are wonderful.

  8. I’m watching it πŸ™‚ I like that the character you play is complex, it keeps one guessing what will happen next, last episode was great. I’ve been telling friends and everyone about V, specially the 5th column, ’cause it’s full of tension. great job, man!

  9. Hi! I watched V when i was ten years… So of course, i watch V now twenty four years later. It’s funny!
    Your voice is a soft touch. Best wishes from the south of Spain!

  10. I’m watching it every Tuesday night. I hope they do not kill off your character, you are the whole reason I watch it. I will tell you again that you are such a talented person.

    “The Fifth Column Says Hello”

  11. Hello! A pleasure to be here! I must admit, I do not know what V is, but I will be sure to tune in next time it airs!
    The real reason I’m here is because I just finished watching the Tudors Season 4 premiere, Mark’s absence was too apparent for me, so I saught it out here! It’s a real shame they didn’t continue to develop his character Cardinal Pole.
    I’m not fammiliar with your other works, Mark, but I am certainly going to remedy that now.

  12. (((I’m not watching it. I’ve never watched it. Aren’t I rude!)))

    I’ve seen you in the Tudors and that’s it.
    And the music, of course.
    Soooo many apologies for not being into sci-fi, M-ey.

  13. I have been watching the remake of “V” from the begining. I have to say I love it. I’m looking forward to seeing (as many of us are) a Visitor out of Human disquise or possibly seeing Anna eating a live rodent as in the Original series.

  14. I am watching V. I know who you are through watching the V. When I first saw you in V, I feel “wow”, you are very handsome (you seem to be what we consider attractive :)), Chad said that in the V ), but that is just the beginning/surface, I like the way you talk very very much, you are a man with lots of stories, I mean in reality, just what I feel. I googled online, pretty much all the information I can find about you :), I like your performance with no reason. I wish I knew much about music, my world is full of numbers, a boring accoutant, am I? Good luck with your career and your life! I am at work, haha, I am going back to my numbers πŸ™‚

  15. Posted some lines, got deleted for some unknown reason. Well, can I try again?
    I am watching V, I think the actor is handsome, I like the way he talks, and put acting stuff aside, personally I feel, Mark is a very private person, a kind of guy sitting on the mountain of secrets, is mysterious, the type of guy I would stay away in reality,I am joking. I admire Mark’s hardworking and determination. You are really talented, good luck with your acting and singing career.

  16. I started watching V because I saw a clip of the part where your character and Dale interact and I was fascinated. Love the show now and definitely want to see more of Joshua in future episodes.

  17. V is awesome, last episode made me cry, but in a good catharsis way so I enjoyed it.

  18. You’re handsome. Great character too! The minute Josua came onto the show, I was “hooked” on V. You’re gret to watch. Didn’t know who you were before, but now… you got yourself a fan!!

  19. It’s actually the only show I do watch (we can go days without even turning the TV on). A friend sent me a clip with Muse Uprising, and I got hooked…had to go back and watch all the first part of the season online!

    Anyway, Joshua is a really interesting character, and up until the “John May” episode, I thought he might secretly be John May. Great job! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  20. I’m watching and loving “V”!! I was looking up the cast on IMDB, and that, eventually, led me to your website. I just bought your album, and I plan to spend some time listening to it out on the back porch tomorrow.

  21. Since the show has been picked up looks like a lot of people are watching. Congrats. And you sing as well? All the best.

  22. I have been an avid watcher of V and love the show. Just found out you were a musician as well! Kudos to you! Best of luck with your role as Joshua, and looking forward to seeing him again on the show πŸ˜‰

  23. I love “V”!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next season, however, I do have a theory on what will happen next season.

  24. I posted on your blog, but somehow got deleted, but its all good! I want to see your character more next season and also find out how you joined the Fifth Column…Anyway I wish you the best of luck in your career. Your music is also great!!! I like guys that seem to be sensitive. I would see you in concert, if you came to Pittsburgh. : )

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