I just finished the last episode of “V”

And WOW is it a doozy!! You’re gonna be surprised!!Who wants to know what happens!? (just kidding, I won’t tell ya)

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  1. i’m pretty sure it’s as good as the other episodes…lol that will be wrong to tell us…but i’m sure joshua would go far in greater depth on v…keep it coming mark…

  2. I was a fan before but wow, your role on “V” has really made me a bigger fan of yours. Love your portrayal of Joshua.

    I can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait! The Fifth Column stuff is by far the most interesting for me, so I hope we get more on that!

  4. You bring a great image to V,witty and great acting and you have a GREAT Voice too! If there is a second season I hope you are in it!

  5. Mark Hildreth: Prince of Tease

    We’ll just have to watch and enjoy every minute of “V” to experience the “doozy” of a finale ourselves.

  6. Really? Doozy? I like surprises. Good show tonight! Glad to see Josua is making more air time, you play him well! I’m curious enough to watch the Tudors now. =)

  7. for the record…the way lisa daughter of anna’s going…she’s falling for tyler and may join the fifth colomn…that’s what i predict…she’s starting the change…but i’ll wait patiently…it’s getting good…keep it coming mark….great acting…

  8. Hi!
    I’m a fan since the original series was on-air (1983, don’t ask my age XD), and, well, might I not love this new series? Of course, I fell in love with it from the beginning. Now, It makes me happy to see that Joshua and other V members of the rebelion, inside the Mother Ship, start having major protagonism, and how the history is outlined in one and another position brings over of the human survival.
    I will wait for the new chapter with anxieties (a very loooooooong week. Sorry, I’m a fangirl XDD).
    Greetings from México.


  9. thanx tio the net i can follow the V in France.i’m looking forward to see the end.
    And…thats the way i discovered you “sorry never heard of you before”
    i like Joshua for his cold and unexpressive face, his beauty:) and now youve got a new fan.
    heaven can wait

  10. Hello Mark, I’m Italian. V I love so much I can not wait to see the end.
    you are very great, congratulations!
    kisses, Simona!

  11. Mark, you do a fantastic job as Joshua and hope he and V come back next season. It is by far my favorite sci-fi show.

  12. Mark yesterday here in Italy was St. Mark, then wishes for the name day!
    kisses simona.

  13. Hey Mark,
    Can’t wait to see it. You are amazing on the show. Is there a possibility of a second season, or was the taping you did for the series finale?
    Your music rocks too…..

  14. Hi Mark, just waiting the next episode!! i can imagine we’ll have a lot of surprises…
    as i said before, you are doing a great job! 🙂

  15. Didn’t know you’re a talented singer and versatile artist as well~right now I’m really enjoying your music!

    So glad Joshua survived the season finale of ‘v’..can’t wait to see you in the next season!!

    Great show! Great job!

  16. Hi Mark!
    In the minds of the show writers Joshua is like Jesus, isn’t he?
    He cures people, he’s got followers, he gives his own life for the human race, he dies and he comes back from death…This can be an interpretation of your character.
    This show isn’t only an alien sci fi matter…
    Good Work Mark!

  17. I really enjoy the last episode. I had to walk out of the room for a minute and when I returned Joshua was shot dead. I was oh no, what happened? and will they bring him back? When I saw you at the end being welcomed back, I was soo happy for that. I really like your character and the great way you play him. Keep up the good work and Im glad tha “V” was picked up for another season. I hope you have more air time in the second season. Later.

  18. The episode was great. I couldn’t wait the show to be aired in France so i saw it online. You did a great job. Je suis impatient de voir la saison 2.

  19. I think Lisa will fall for you in the long run or maybe I am wrong? I def hope there is a love interest for your character next season!

  20. I just finished watching the last episode of V and I almost gave up on the entire series. After Joshua was shot I lost all hope for the 5th column, but closer to the end of the episode he was brought back with the help of V technology.
    With the exception of Anna and her classic little smirks, Joshua is my only reasaon for watching. That seductive voice of his and those sexy little alien hairs sticking out of his medical garb, sure keep me tuning in for 5th column excitement.
    Hate to sound like a couch potato, but have you seen Joshua. I’ll gladly waste an hour of my precious time following my favourite V.
    And to think I didn’t even watch television for a decade before this show premiered.

  21. I loved the season finale!!! This show always keeps me on the edge of my seat and the last episode did not disappoint. When “V” started, I immediately liked Joshua so naturally I’m happy you’ll be back for season 2.

  22. your character is like the 80s counterpart, Martin. Both are Vs sympathetic towards humans. I hope to see you next season! You’re my favorite character.

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