Alien emotion

Playing a characters born without human emotion, who develops compassion and empathy, is truly a privilege. It mirrors human beings’ struggle so accurately and in a way that is non-threatening to play or to watch.

How do you relate with your emotions? Do you see them as a weakness? Or do you connect with your own humanity and embrace them?


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  1. I do not quite see how it can mirror human beings struggle – not everyone strives to be a better person.

  2. emotions make us only human…i see it like it cleanses the soul…and you’re character on v see’s human emotion as beautiful…

  3. We are all brought into this world equally ignorant. We’re taught from infancy how to react to situations, either from our family or society. You can’t control how feel towards something or someone and it doesn’t make you weak for expressing whatever state your in. People, who aren’t in tune with their emotions, aren’t necessarily weak, they’re just afraid. I believe Anna is quite expressive of her emotions, just not the positive side. She shows emotions that our society deem as unethical…hate and rage. Emotions have many faces.

  4. Please excuse if my English is not very good. I do think I understand why my comment was not first put up. It was not my intention to be blunt like a hammer. Here is what I mean to say.
    If those emotions were each persons struggle and -humans en-mass valued and belived compassion and empathy were the feelings they should take in high regard – this would be a good thing. I would agree that it mirror humans struggle. Sadly I do not belive that is real and that there are 2 many people who do not hold these feelings as important who see them as weakness.

  5. Is really complicated to understand someone else’s emotions, cuz we don’t know how it feelis like to be someone else, in the first place. I know it sounds obvious, but this will lead us to figure out that we can only assume that we know how others feel. |so, to mirror that, from your own ignorance about the other, makes it monumental.

    Great work in V btw mate!

  6. i think it’s what you do with the emotions that’s important. too often, i see people do cruel or deceptive things just to act on a moment of emotion (be that anger or passion) and lose their integrity and compassion by going the wrong way with it.

    for me, emotion is often such a powerful thing. the challenge is to feel but at the same time let that emotion be governed by something higher and more selfless.

  7. You use your emotions constantly. Whoever doesn’t, has no heart, is a psychopath, or a liar.

  8. Of course human emotions are a weakness. How can it not be ? Having empathy for others will make us take them into consideration, rather then just going for what works for us.
    So yes. They can hold us back. They can make us miserable. They make us vulnerable.

    However, and this is the flipside to it all. Those emotions can also make us strong. Go between a mother and her child, of any species really, and you will risk to get killed. We will walk through fire for the ones we love. We will develop superhuman strength to protect whom we care about.

    So in a way emotions are our weakness and our strength.

  9. I used to see my emotions as weakness when I was younger but as I have grown older, I have been able to let go and share them and embrace them within myself and with others, and so far, it has given me good results

  10. I believe that emotions can be considered as a weakness,if not controlled. A lot of times people are lead by their emotions and make poor decisions. Whereas if you had more control over your emotions, you’re able to react to certain situations with a level, and clear head. Learning how to control your emotions can be very difficult and takes time and practice (I’m still in training…Lol). We as humans have this wonderful gift called “emotions” that can be a beautiful thing, like love, compassion and gentleness. Watching a beautiful sunset over the water for the first time or the sun ducking behind the mountains stirs up wonderful emotions in some (like me) and I wouldn’t exchange for nothing else in the world…

  11. Emotions make humans unique. However sometimes you do need to use logic and think with your mind, not your heart. Emotions can lead to irrational decisions. However, it’s still important to have them, because the ability to love and care for others is powerful. It depends on the situation.

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