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  1. Congratulations on the second season. Your character is my favorite on the show, I hope they upgrade you into a main character.

  2. I am soooo relieved that it’s been renewed for a second season. I’m really hoping your character is given a larger role.

  3. that is awsome mark…i really do hope you become one of the main characters…your charater joshua is an awsome one from the beginning…more power to you and v…

  4. excellent! The final episode was amazing. Great performance on your part. Very passionate. Thanks for the update on next season.

  5. Glad to hear it. Just finished watching the finale. Ooh, I hope you don’t end up being skinned alive, although I’m glad to see you weren’t killed off!

    Discovered you on V, and now I’m discovering the real you here. I love that you’re deep. I might even purchase your music 🙂

  6. Je suis très heureuse qu’une deuxième saison soit prévue! De plus le personnage de Joshua sera vivant mais à quelle cause? Toute une intrigue! J’ai bien hâte!

  7. J’en suis très heureuse! Une deuxième saison sera très appréciè et attendue! De plus le personnage de Joshua sera en vie! Bravo!

  8. Very glad to hear it. Just watched season finale and…well, wow and woo-hoo and wha-huh and lots of other creative “w”s to express the myriad of emotions the episode wrought. I’m gonna go poke around the Forum and see if anyone’s chatting up the ep’s specifics yet…

  9. Incredible finale. The show started out really strong, kind of went flat for a bit, and then really took off. Now its my favorite and i cannot wait for the new season. The end of the finale was awesome. Especially Anna’s breakdown. I was sad to see Joshua die, forever the hero. Even more excited to see him brought back to life.
    Its going to be a long summer…

  10. Mark! I love your music and I’m really stunned I haven’t heard of you sooner. I love every single song you have on your album. It’s very inspiring and encouraging. As a soon-to-be law student, this is really an amazing stress relieve method. I don’t know if you ever read the comments, but I want to let you know that you are a great inspiration on life, love, and career. Keep doing what you do best! I love your work on “V”. Keep moving forward! Best of luck.

  11. the season finale wasa amazing…i thought joshua was going to be killed off…and i didn’t know marcus was a good guy…that threw me off completely mark…i guess you’ll be around for a while…but poor val died…

  12. I’m glad your character of Joshua is still alive at the end. I was afraid you were not going to be continuing onto Season 2. Thankfully, ABC picked up 12 episodes for next season, but even a short season is better than nothing and this season was great!

    I really love how you portray the character of Joshua. Can’t wait to see more of you on this series.

  13. It was a given 🙂
    Joshua LIVES!!! 😛 (I hope they do more character development)

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work 😛

  14. Glad to hear “V” has been picked up for 2nd season. Congrats! Just watched season finale…WOW! I’m glad your character is not dead. You Rock!

  15. LOL – we were YELLING at the TV when they tried killing you off!! Glad you’re not dead. LOL – see ya next season!

  16. So glad to hear it and sooooo glad that Joshua lives. Amazing season finale! Great job Mark!

  17. Amazing… it seems as the cast is developing very nicely into their roles. Mark, your representation of Joshua is great and leaves us wanting more. Can’t wait to see how the new V ties in to the old, and the development of Joshua’s character into a lead role. Mark, your music is as soothing as your calm demeanor in V. Can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2.

  18. @rudy May 18, 2010 11:04

    Dude!!! Spoiler alerts!!! Don’t go posting info about an episode that has only just been aired an hour beforehand. I saw it already, but have some respect for others who may have recorded it for later viewing.

  19. And, so glad it seems you will be there for it! Have fun! I wonder if the fact that Lost is concluding will help or hurt V.

  20. Was very excited when I heard they were making a remake of the old V series. And there has been new excitement with every new episode!
    Looking forward to see you and the rest of the cast in season 2!

  21. Oh I can’t wait for season 2! I’m sooooo glad you stayed alive because then I would have only had Logan Huffman/Tyler 🙂 I post all my thought’s about the show on my blog lol I always use pictures too, I love V and Josh and Tyler are my favorite characters


  22. Just watched the season finale of “V”. I’ve been waiting the entire season for the kind of action that was shown and was really impressed with the ending. There was a point when I thought I was going to give up on the series but now I’m really looking forward to the shows return. You were AWESOME and I was really happy when you started breating again at the end. Cheers!

  23. congratulations! and congratulations for joshua as well. joshua, despite the gaps and naivities in the scenario, works as one of the points that keeps the series solid for me, keeps its feet on the ground. He has no human jestuality, a real alien. He is believable and intriguing, makes you think of where he is coming from, and what he will be. Along the way, he is like the purest form of human, in both physical and emotional terms. Thank you for adding so much to the experience

  24. Sweeeeet. The Red Sky episode was kind of intense. When you were shot I was like, nooooooooooo why must they kill mark; I mean joshua :), but then they revived you and that was a good thing for both you and the show. It looks like there are more intense episodes coming, can’t wait. As always keep up the good work.

  25. @rudy May 18, 2010 11:04
    Hey Rudy, i have to agree with scott on this on. not everyone who watches v lives in the usa and i travel all the time all over the world so i’m yet to see the final two episodes. but i really do enjoy your enthusiasm in all your posts – keep it up, just without the spoiler alerts please.

  26. @rudy May 18, 2010 11:04
    eg: working in Australia at the moment and they have only just shown “heretic’s fork”.

  27. I absolutely loved the latest episode of V! I’m glad to hear your character hasn’t died yet; he’s one of my favorites! :]
    I also must say that I am in LOVE with your music. This is exactly the kind of genre I love, so thank god I started watching V, or else I would have never heard of you and your music!

  28. i do apologize..for posting something that people haven’t seen yet on v….i honestly thought people of the usa only watched this show…scott and raven i’m so sorry…i was just caught up in the moment…reading other peoples comments and thought i’d leave one…i apologize mark…but doesn’t joshua rock everyone…i only watch v and nothing else…lol…have a great evening…

  29. Thanks Rudy. You’re a gem – although i’m not sure why you should be surprised that the power of “v” has extended outside the borders of the usa – why should you guys get to have all the fun…….lol

  30. I can’t even wait until season 2. I’m glad you’ll be back for another season; I’d hate to see you go so fast.

  31. raven is right. i´m german (and guess I also live in Germany) and i watched every episode of V on the internet, 24h after the episode was aired in the USA. It´s awesome, i really enjoyed watching. I hope Mark will become a main character in season 2. V are of Mark, always!

  32. That’s great!! Your character should be upgraded to a main character!! Congrats form a V fan from brazil since 1984.

    See ya!

  33. c’est une putain de serie! i almost cried when i saw you dead,
    not you, but you’re still ….thanx Marcus
    i can’t stand waiting for the suite
    A great great show, thanx Mark

  34. Yea, I’m glad “V” is picked up. Your final scene was a good surprise! I think I know they brought you back 🙂
    but I have to wait til next season to see for sure

  35. Yay! I’m glad you’ll still be on it too! You are my favorite character and are so HOT!!!

  36. Yeah!!! V will be back for another season!!
    I just watched the season finale and thought it was fantastic!!! Like everyone else on here, I was VERY relieved to see that Joshua isn’t dead. So, is Marcus fifth column, or did they bring Joshua back so that he could be tortured for information about fifth column??? These and other questions….
    Congrats Mark, and everyone at “V”!!

  37. It better had… Lol. I’m stuck to this show like glue. Season finale, AWESOME!!! “John May Lives”. I have to admit, I have a lot of questions about who is 5th column now.. I almost had a fit when she shot you.. But those were just bullets and I knew you could be healed, which leads me to more questions that I’m dying to know… Mannn, I can’t wait til next season…

  38. Congratulations Dr.Joshua!!! Keep fighting for the fifth column please!
    Greetings from Chile

  39. Hey Mark, happy to see you’ll be returning next season along with V. I’ve enjoyed your performances and was happy to discover at the end of the final episode that ABC had the wisdom not to kill off one of the finest actors on the show! It is with good reason that you have some of the best reviews of the entire cast. Congratulations on a successful season!

  40. Congrats Mark, Joshua is my favorite character on the show. I am now a Mark Hildreth fan!!!

  41. Hi, this is from China. For the language reason, I don’t know if you are very popular in American V fans.But I want you know that you are defenitely the most popular one of V in China, both to male and female fans.

  42. YEA! I was so glad to see that Joshua made it! Please tell us, Mark, when do you start filming and do you have time for writing & recording in between? We’re all anxiously awaiting another beautiful album…

  43. I am elated that V will be returning next season and along with that, your character Joshua. Your acting is as wonderful as your songwriting and music! You are a Renaissance man!

  44. Hi from France =D!
    When my father tell me that I was so happy *_*
    I’ve watched the last episode today, T_T I really want to know what it will happened~!
    You are my favorite character in the serie, and at the end I was thinking that I’ll cry =O..
    Right now, I am listenning for your songs ;D And you are a really great singer =DD!
    So.. Congratulation & I’ll support you ^o^ with all the fans =3

  45. You are definitely the best character on V. I like your interactions with Lisa on the show as well. See you in season 2!

  46. I have never been into aliens, vampires are more my thing. When V started I have to admit when the show came on I turned the channel. Until one day I was cleaning and haden’t changed the channel. I saw Joshua for the first time and sat down, and got sucked in! I have finally got caught up with the first season and now of course now I have to waite untill fall to know what happens next. BOO!! But at least I was introduced to Mark. I have never heard of you before. And just wanted to say that you are an Incredible actor. But… Your music… when I listened to it for the first time, I can’t remember which song it was but it brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely Breath taking!!! I haven’t heard anything like it since I was little, listening to my absolute favorite Billy Joel!!

  47. Cool! 😀
    My favourite V are Anna and Joshua. Anna’s pulling off the “I’m actually a lizard inside” look really, really well! Whenever I see her, I keep waiting for the teeth and lizard eyes to come out. Your Joshua is all weird in his own skin and, well, alien. Everyone else looks mostly human. Some are crazy-scientist human, others are evil-conspiracy-in-the-workings human, but still human. Looks like pulling off an alien in human skin isn’t easy, but you’re doing it.
    I hope your character stays on next season, that’ll make the show much more interesting.

  48. I am so excited that the series was renewed. It’s been absolutely brilliant. I love it, loved the way it ended. You are awesome. Just can’t wait for more!! When are you playing in the Phila area?

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