Pick up the tracks on my album Complex State Of Attachment at itunes/markhildreth or search mark hildreth

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  1. order now…they go fast on and…but always available on itunes…and it is well worth the wait…

  2. I’ll be checking out your music as soon as I get home tomorrow. Love the blog. Love the pix. And absolutely love the video for your song siddhartha. Very funny. I had to watch it without sound. (can’t tell you what I think of the music yet) And thanks for the great job on V. I’ll be checking you out on season 2 (woot woot).

  3. Rudy, I agree. I order most things from amazon, but not this one. I ordered from cdbaby (they are pretty awesome in and of themselves). the cd arrived long before amazon just notified me that they finally have it. Fantastic cd!! m.

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