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  1. I would wish joy for all people but only if it is tempered with understanding. Not all people experience joy the same way and for some it can only come through hurting other people or themselves and in that case it can be a problem.
    Also joy must be fleeting so we can relect upon it and learn from it and most importantly strive for it.
    If we are all joyus all the time would we ever accomplish anything? Or would we all just sit around and fade away.

  2. it is not a problem, Mark

    wishing happiness for every single human being we are sharing the planet with is the solution

  3. i am at a complete loss as to why some people would consider it a problem. i do hope you do not take any notice of them.

  4. One of my favorite singers, Rich Mullins said the very same thing. He worked tirelessly to bring the joy of his music to others especially children and he when he died in 1997 that was his legacy. I love that you wish joy for all, but don’t just wish it share it.

  5. that’s a friendly gesture mark…if people consider it a problem…then it’s on them…we should live life with pure love…joy…and happiness…kind of like sending a blessing to a close relative or a friend…it’s letting people know you care about them…you are a good person…

  6. these people who think spreading joy is a problem are miserable pieces of poo. don’t let them bother you mark. you go ahead and spread all the joy you want.
    just remember to use a condom you sexy thang. lol

  7. Wishing joy for all people is not bad. An individual having a problem with that is not bad, it is their opinion. Worrying about what other people think about what you are doing is a waste of time. Do what makes you happy (bringing others joy) and don’t worry about the people that “consider that a problem” Let them deal with that.

  8. I don’t think those people have a problem with what you want, they probably have a problem with how you want to get there. 😉
    It isn’t bad, what you want. Hopefully. Probably. *g* It’s just that some people have different requirements for joy. And then, other people are so miserable they don’t believe in happiness to begin with, so if you try to do something, they’ll feel like you’re mocking them. That doesn’t mean you should stop, it just means that any action a person may take to influence others will probably encounter some sort of resistance. It’s not necessarily something to be discouraged by, just something to be aware of.
    So no, no it’s not bad. 🙂

  9. who on earth would think that?!?!?!? they must be idiots. you brought me happiness. a: your music always cheers me up. b: i’m an 11 year old girl and i’m having bad thoughts about the apocalypse,but i always think of your role as vert on battle force 5.remember “behind enemy lines”? (vert=yourself kalus=devil vandalian puffer plant=god) /vert is running from kalus and he falls down,defenseless with no car,no sword,and no blades.out of nowhere,the vandalian puffer plant appears next to vert and the plant paralyzes kalus and vert escapes./ see? even your animated roles cheer me up.wish u joy back. 🙂

  10. p.s. hehehe “meow!” “open toed armor;not a good idea ,my friend.” fav episode,fav character(vert and zoom) fav singer,fav actor. u rock man!!!!!!! (or more like pop,soul and r & b. hehehehehehehe.get it?)

  11. I suspect its the “ALL people” in that sentence that people have an issue with.
    Most people are happy for nice people to feel joy but not-so-nice people? not many peeps want that.
    Its why most of the really well known good people are considered so good. they can love their enemy.

  12. people will always find something to criticize. if you’re perfect, they will complain about how perfect you are. people always have been and always will be stupid, greedy and irritating. if i had it my way i would spend more time with my cat and my potted plants than with actual people. and it would be nice if the world was lollipops and rainbows. unfortunately it isn’t.

  13. paula; that’s a very interesting point. i agree that is is “socially acceptable” to wish the “good” people in the world, joy – but it is hard to get your head around the fact that some people might wish (for example) a paedophile joy.

  14. paula: you could argue that ‘joy for all people’ means noone gets hurt in the process. Besides, if everyone was happy, maybe we wouldn’t have ‘bad’ people to begin with. The dog that gets kicked a lot is the dog that bites.

    Yes, some dreams are impossible to achieve, but that doesn’t mean we should stop reaching for them.

  15. So, maybe the basic problem is that people don’t view life the same way you do? This is not the first time you have asked a question like this; people are unhappy with you or disagree with your philosophy of life. I try to surround myself with happy people whose views of life are very similar to my own. It’s not that I can’t handle opposing view points, I’ve just spent way too many years being negative and unhappy to continue on that path. Reality check: Who am I surrounding myself with; do they view life as I do; are their life goals similar; are they a postive influence on me and my life goals; and if not, why the hell am I hanging out with these people? M.

  16. Sometimes, all you can be is a role model by your actions. If you live your life joyously, then others can see that. If they take the hint and in turn live their lives joyously, then the joy goes on. You just can’t make all people happy all the time; you can only control your actions and thoughts. Radiate the joy, my friend!

  17. To wish joy for all people is a very nice thing! If all people had the same kindness and idealism as you there would not be any war I think! 🙂

    If some consider it a problem to wish others joy they dont have a nice heart and probably dont have anybody who is nice to them. That is sad!

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