Album #2

My new record will have some AWESOME amazing stuff on it!! I am so excited to be working with the musicians and artists we will have in the studio. Amazing vocalists (this record will focus on vocalists and the human voice much more, mixed in with a lot of R&B beats and rhythm) an awesome drummer who will be programming some really cool, original stuff, and of course my esteemed producer Warne Livesey who is a joy to work with.

This will be an album much more contemplative and perhaps a little darker than the first. More of a David Gray sound (an artist who I love.) Simpler, more open space, and much more focus on the sound of the human beings creating the work and expressing their souls. I expect to have it finished around the end of 2010. Looking forward to your responses to it.

In other news, it will also have songs on it that push boundaries in terms of the themes and concepts explored. This is bound to bring criticism from the anonymous minority who don’t like the suggestion of change or exploration of looking for a better way to be in our world. So be it!

Love to all!

What would you like to hear about on the album?


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  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to your new album. Best of luck to you! 🙂

    What I would like to hear about on your new album..Hmm If you mean what I would like your songs to be about? I would say it would be nice if some songs have the following theme:”How to let go of somebody and move on when somebody you love in the family dies ??” and “How to have hope when everything,´your dreams and family is faling apart?” Or it would be very nice if the songs are about faling in love and the feling of passion and love. Or a song about meeting and wanting somebody soo very much but it is impossible to get that one person because that person is already taken..And a song about your ideal world would also be great, Where you like could tell us in a song how your perfect day or world should be…I could probably go on with my ideas a long time .Anyway good luck to you! Love and peace to you

  2. mark that sounds totally cool…i would really like to hear your finished product…i’m sure it will be great as your first album…growth is good as a musician…it’s really great to explore things musically…and you don’t limit yourself…i would love to hear about a very special love one found from being blinded…and realize that-that person is the one…stay cool mark…

  3. hmm
    is this why you asked about the accapello stuff on a previous post?
    kinda stuff like that on it?
    or something different?

  4. i like dark stuff :d

    i also like your style with love songs and all that, but it’s something that has been spoken so many times. it would be great if you could have a little bit of transition to the dark side of the human nature, like confusion, insecurity, anxiety, and deep fears.

  5. I agree with Maryam, Since all of the love & hope like emotions have been protraied almost to death, it would be very interesting to hear something of a more darker note, Struggle is after all a part of human nature as contentment and creation.

    As for the impending release of V’s first season on DVD do you have any idea when that will be avaiable in Canada? Just thought I would ask.

    Best of luck on the new album, I really look forward to hearing the complete version.

    Merry Met, Blessid be in all things you do, and Merry Meet again.

  6. Mark, those “who don’t like the suggestion of change or exploration of looking for a better way to be in our world” one day will open their hearts and minds and wll join us in making things better

    I like how optimistic and positive you sound in this post, and I appreciate how you are praising your crew, so many musicians act as if it all were possible just by themselves and it is almost never the case

    It is so encouraging that you are making your second album already, from your description it sounds that it will be moody and beautiful – and I say encouraging because I have been stuck in my album for almost two years now (then again, I am just a tiny bedroom musician)

    And hi everyone else, it is as if we were friends already


  7. Can’t wait for it to come out. “Little life” was a little on the darker side will your new album be like that or even darker?

    On your next blog could you give us an update on how V is going? I’m hearing scary things about our brave Joshua going to the other side.

  8. How do you have time to conciliate music and filmings? Do you have time to record the scenes and to work in your musics in studio? Sorry, my english is awful.

  9. I think you should have songs that explore the themes that you’ve put forth here in your blog. The ideas that you set out and the conversations that come up from everyone around them are just intense and wonderful! Everyone should have a great forum like this where there is discussion about these sorts of issues, and where folks are (for the most part) respectful in their dialog. I am looking forward to the album! Much luck to you, that it will be as you envision and flow from start to finish without obstacles.

  10. Partly in reply to maryam, not just love, but the dark side of human nature is the pet subject to a lot of musicians out there, as well. It’s only natural, of course.
    And lately (stretch that over a few years), I feel like every meaningful song deals with struggle, pain and agression in arguably the most pessimistic way possible. They’re good songs, but I’m just glad not everyone does it. There’s a sense of hope to complex state of attachment, I rather like that. I’m kinda hoping for that to stay around, whatever subjects the next album ends up dealing with.

  11. @ feathers: well, you’re kinda right, but comparing to love themes, i think subjects around human nature have the capacity to be discussed more deeply and widely. also i agree that there are lots of songs about these kinds of subjects too, but as i gathered, mostly the composers of those songs are whining and being depressed in their music (and that’s really boring). i think there are yet lots to be said, and there are lots of new possible ways to talk about this kind of stuff and still be original and fresh (and hopeful). also i, too, like the sense of hope in the previous album. actually, that hopeful perspective is one of the most important things that make me interested in mark’s music and blog. so i, too, am hoping that hopeful sense stays around for next album(s).

    anyway, that’s just what i think; and sorry for my poor english ~_^

  12. A:What do I wanna hear? Hmmmm…. oh,yeah. A DUET WITH AMY LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! ( pressure,mark.) B:WOW. Mark Hildreth CD 2 and Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 season 2. Isn’t that ironic? Mark’s the main character of BF5 and season 2 is being released ALMOST at the same time as Mark’s second cd. weird…

  13. P.S. What happens on season 2?!? i gotta know,i gotta know,I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!!!!! (Who the heck is AJ????)

  14. OH,OH,OH! Almost forgot! Can you do your own version of “Colder Months” from Alpha Rev for your new album? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE????? (Like the badgers of Penguins of Madagascar) Please say yes,please say yes,please say yes!!! (Are you from Vancouver? Peaceful city,huh? Well guess what? Where I live is the most violent island on the planet! I am scared of living here,but i keep the faith with your music and Skillet’s.) later

  15. COOOOL!!!!!! I just found the rocked out version of sitting beside. It’s AWSOME!!!! BEST SONG EVER!!!!! (Piano solo version,rocked out version,and little life) Now you are definetely my favorite singer!!! Sweet guitar solo!!!!

  16. maryam: to be fair, most of the love songs we usually get to hear aren’t actually love songs. Calling someone “baby” and throwing in a bunch of sexual not-so-implications doesn’t make it a love song.
    Of course I agree, there are different approaches one could take on every subject. And in the end, the artist being honest is the most important thing, anyway.
    (your english’s fine 😉 )

  17. I would like to hear a bit more “grit” in your songs as well as in your vocals. something a bit more edgy but not so much so that it is too far removed from your first album or yourself. i found most of the songs on your first album contained the word “love” and i would “love” to hear you explore some other aspects of the human heart / soul.

  18. Your album is a fantastic compliment to some of the club friendly tracks on my ipod right now. You’ve traded places at the number one position with Scissor sisters’ tracks all summer.
    My favourite track on complex state of attachment is still by far siddhartha. It has an almost worldly feel to it but in a folk/pop kinda of way. Of course the chorus took me back to the days of my aunt dragging me to church and sunday school. I didn’t think I’d actually enjoy thinking of those gospel days, but your song took me to it. I love it. Anything faster paced and danceable is always a bonus.
    magic spell was my next favourite track. It reminded me of the new stuff that Robyn thicke is doing right now. Very soulful, smooth, sexy. To be honest it actually got me laid a couple of times this summer. So yup you can always include a sexy tune for all those folks lookin to hook up, accidentally or not.
    You’re piano work is great. Something instrumental would be kinda kool.
    I’d like to say a duet would be fun but my tastes are wide and who could out shine the v doc. okay maybe a gaga duet.
    As for topics to include. you could do the gulf spill but who wants to hear more about an oil spill. it’s not the first it’s not the last.
    Ooh you could do a song about betty white. She’s so hot right now.
    i think your voice is good for a couple of country type songs. keep the piano add a bit of country guitar to the roster. ooh you could do a country song about paris hilton hiding drugs in her vagina. (too soon?)
    hurricanes could be fun to sing about. something clever and witty, even if it’s dark humour to go with your new current dark theme.
    perhaps a witty little jingle about an alien who helps earthlings fight alien enemies with the help of alien allies. just kidding.
    i also sense you need to get a bad relationship out of your system. please do.
    and do a swing song. yes i said swing. you got the chops and you’ve got what sounds like a pretty impressive drummer. I wanna be able to shake my booty to the v doc.
    so mark those are my suggestions. now i’m gonna read what everyone else wrote.

  19. This is so exciting! I’m addicted to Siddartha at present…so let me see…
    I’m looking forward to this new album; a little darker is good, but I would appreciate some upbeat tunes. Nothing comes to mind about any specifics for what the songs would be about, I just love hearing your voice and I need some upbeat songs in my life right about now…
    Of course, its your album, so go wild and have fun!
    Keep the good beats coming!

  20. @realityforest
    Ha Ha Ha!!! I might just have to try that myself soon. not sure if mark intended his music so people could get laid – but then again – who knows. Kudos to you anyway my friend.

  21. @ gm
    i used youtube.
    even though i did not know the guys name – recognised a heck of alot of his songs 🙂
    Babylon & this years love are two at least you may recognise 🙂

  22. well. i had an idea for a song a while ago. its a tricky one. its hard to explain what in my head. but if you get something out of this. great!

    call people out on perpetuating there own stereotypes. best example i think think of is the N word. but im not talking about that situation at all. or touch on reverse racism.

    ive produced alot of music. and i know that it doesn’t always end how you start. but im giving you one of the ideas i throw out once and a while.

    ANYWHO good luck on your album!

    im in the process of releasing my first,
    if your interested
    (our name is SAM now, nobody’s had time to update tho)

    and i loved that show you did that time 😉

  23. “If i die before we wake,if my earthly soul retaaaains…” I just CANNOT STOP SINGING THAT!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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