Come one come all

Album is sounding fantastic. Season 2 of V is going great.

FYI guys, posts that are slander and posts that are based on rumors will not be posted on the site. This is meant to be somewhere where people can feel free to express themselves openly and in ways they may not feel comfortable to in other forums. Any slagging of any member of this community of people will result in immediate blockage.

In other news, who believes chocolate causes joy??


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  1. looking forward season2!!! and really hope you won’t get killed in it 😀

    (chocolate: well what I know for sure that me is unhappy if cannot eat it.)

  2. Depends which sort.
    Chocolate which have raisins in them always makes me feel a little sad. Possibly because I dislike raisins 🙂
    Chocolate with nuts in however..completley different story 😀

  3. can’t see me nod, but I’m doing it anyway. *g* libel and slander aren’t even allowed ba the law, why should they be allowed by you.

    chocolate: best thing ever!!! 😀 except for white chocolate, that’s just chocolate with no chocolate in it, it’s evil, I tell you. xp
    aaanyway, how is that news? 😉

    paula: that’s just cute 🙂

  4. Chocolate has tons of happy chemicals in it, namely phenylethylamine — a chemical cousin of amphetamine.


    🙂 Amy

  5. I love giving chocolate and seeing the person smile – and I love receiving chocolate as it makes me smile – even though I do not like chocolate – it’s the thought that counts.

  6. Glad to hear that everything is going smoothly for you. I like chocolate, but peanut butter is the BOMB. 😉

  7. Chocolate DOES cause joy XP

    I only heard about you when I started Dragon Age Origins earlier this year. You are so AWESOME as Sten ^^ Then I read about your music after much research XD

    I have to say I really enjoy your music but I am afraid that ordering your CD might cause it to get blocked by customs (my country is funny that way, no ordered CDs and DVDs ever seem to arrive T_T). Is your album on Amazon? If it is, I can get legal downloads right?

    As an aspiring voice actress (among other things, I wanna be a singer, model, fitness trainer, writer and photographer too! ><"), do you have any tips when it comes to doing Voiceovers? Also, how did you get your voice to Sten's low tone??? Vocal training involved?

    Sorry if my comment if off-topic… I really don't know how else to ask you all these things XP

    xoxo Kath

  8. Obviously chocolate brings joy. It’s not even a question! Willy Wonka knew this to be true. All the world needs is a real chocolate river. 😉

  9. I love your character on V! Looking forward to seeing season 2! Of course, I love chocolate!

  10. Not sure if it is the chocolate or the couple minutes of peace that you get because you are focused on the task at hand…enjoying it. If we could focus that intently on loving our brothers and sisters around the globe – the world would be a better place. Chocolate bars for everyone…lol.

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